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A mindset changing business development training
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Build a successful team

Have you ever wondered why other companies seem to have proactive and motivated business developers but your team is struggling? Our hyper-personalized training will make your team confident, proactive, and profitable.


This is what your team will achieve

Build the mindset

Business development is a long-term game. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and this prevents your team from reaching our goals.

Your team will learn practical tools, frameworks, and will work in an interactive way to build a winning mindset that will keep them motivated in the long run.

Learn the strategies

Business development success is linked to the ability to look at the business from a broad perspective. Strategic thinking is a key success factor.

Your team will learn how to leverage the 5 main business development strategies to make sure they are able to spot the right opportunities.

Create action plans

Business development is all about finding new opportunities. But effective implementation of new ideas can be a daunting task with no results.

Your team will learn an effective method to build action plans, run experiments and bring you concrete results.


A hyper-targeted approach

Aligning with your context 

The first step is to understand your company context and align with your strategy. We will make sure we gather all the relevant information so we can customize the training in function of your business goals and company culture.


Build your custom training

After analyzing your needs we will build custom training that takes into account your company strategy as well as individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. We will measure the current capabilities of your team and benchmark them at the end of the training.

Delivering the training

We will set up an online environment for your team and we will deliver the live training in the following 5 weeks. All modules include roleplays and interactions to make sure the knowledge is immediately applied.


Assessing the impact 

After finishing the training we will benchmark the capabilities of your team to validate your learning investment. We will keep your team continuously learning with our support community after the training is over.


The 4 pillars for success


We will unlock the right mindset making your team more proactive and goal-oriented. So you will enjoy a team that cares as much as you.

the business development school - structured approach to business development


We will give your team a concrete process to enable them to take calculated actions. You reduce inefficiencies, they get more results.

the business development school - dedicated weekly q&a session


 We make your team work together so they can build the right opportunities on their own, without your help. So you can focus on other tasks!

the-business development-school-experts in recruiting business developers

People first

We will create a fun, genuine, engaging environment designed with your team in mind. You’ll retain a team designed for success!

Ready to take your team from passive to stellar?


What your team will learn




In this first module, your team will learn the basics of business development and build the right mindset. They will leave this session with a clear overview of what is business development.

Learning outcome:

Build a strong business development mindset



In this module, your team will learn the 5 business development strategies. They will learn the foundations of sales, marketing, product development, strategic partnerships, and market entry. They will learn using practical exercises, case studies, and roleplays.

Learning outcome:

Master the basics of strategic business development



In this module, your team will learn the main business development tactics to identify your target audience, generate leads, approach potential clients and partners, build valuable connections, and generate value. We will use roleplays and business cases.

Learning outcome:

Master the main business development tactics


Soft skills

In this class, your team will learn the main soft skills necessary for business development. We will practice research, communication, negotiation, and time management. Your team will learn with roleplays, exercises and business cases.

After this class you will:

Master the main business development skills


Ready to take your team from passive to stellar?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What company should take this training?

Our business development training is entirely customized to our clients. Therefore every company can get in touch and we will discover together if it’s the right fit.

However, the customers who got the most impact so far typically have this in common:

  • They tried several business development strategies without significant results
  • They have a high turnover in the business development team
  • Their teams do not get consistent results
  • They are building their first business development team and don’t have any process in place
  • They are scaling their teams and need to train many professionals in a short amount of time

2. How many employees can I enroll?

You can enroll as many employees as you want. We organize the live training in small groups, so we can make sure that every employees has enough space to interact. 

3. When does the training start?

Depending on the training you choose for your team we have different starting dates. We discuss the options during the first call.

4. What is the modality of the training?

Our trainings are online and can be done 100% remotely. The classes take place on Zoom in real-time and. Our courses are highly interactive and the exercises are based on the actual challenges of your employees. Your team will receive all the course materials (slides, templates, video) as well as the homework.

5. What makes you different?

Our business development trainings are the result of 13 years working in the field. We deeply understand how business developers work, because we faced the same exact challenges and experiences. Our experience combines with thousands of input from our community, enabled us to develop our methodology. Our method is based on 4 pillars:

– Mindset: 9 out of 10 managers want their business developers to be more proactive, brave, and committed to their results no matter what. However, many business developers seem to lose interest quickly, lack consistency, and are resistant to change. This attitude is in contrast with business development which requires persistence, creativity, and patience. The training will unlock the right mindset making your team more proactive and goal-oriented. You’ll enjoy a team that cares as much as you!

– Structure: We took a complex field like business development and we made it simple. We won the challenge thanks to the contribution of thousands of business developers working in the field every day who shared their insights, best practices, and knowledge. The training is not a set of copy-pasted tactics, but a concrete process that enables your team to deeply understand your business and take calculated actions based on your specific needsYou reduce inefficiencies, they get more results!

– Peer-2-Peer: Peer-2-Peer learning is the most effective solution to reduce the skills gap and make sure individuals keep improving on a daily basis. That’s why we made it one of our pillars when designing our training. The training is highly interactive and we make sure your team develops collaborative and creative skills. In this way, we empower them to build the right business opportunities on their own, rather than needing your supervision. You save time by reducing your managerial input!

– People first: Every employee has different strengths and weaknesses. Many of them might not even be aware of some hidden talents which could make a difference in their business development role. The training is designed with your employees in mind to make sure they capitalize on their talent, rather than simply attempt to mitigate their weak spots. We create a fun, genuine, and engaging environment to make sure your team unlocks their true potentialYou’ll retain a team designed for success!


A unique experience with impact

Before I took the course, I knew what I was doing with my business, but I couldn’t really find a way to describe my function in my company. That was until I started The BD School course! Business Development is exactly what I’m doing and I love doing it! The course itself is amazing, and the thing, I loved the most was the homework. Clear, consistent, and very practical. The course really helped me set a clear path for Dearly’s future.

Quirine Wissink


The business development course at The BD School was exactly what I needed. It has opened my mind and changed my way of thinking. Our mentor Lucia was great – supportive, inspiring, and passionate.

Barbara Jezeršek


The best experience of my life. A completely fantastic course that gives you the foundation to enter this world. Thanks to them I managed to reach my dream to move to Dublin and work for a big tech company! Thanks, Lucia! See you soon!

Alessandro De Angelis


The BD School has truly changed my way of working and helped me get all the insights and strategies I needed to start my career in business development. When I found my new job I didn’t receive formal training and I didn’t have a method to execute my daily tasks. The course gave me practical tips that I could immediately apply. After the course, I felt more confident in my job and was able to hit target more consistently.

Lluis Millet Escrivà


Before the course, I didn’t have a formal business development training. All I knew I learned it on the job. But I wanted to have more structure to increase client’s conversion and generally feel more confident in my job. The course was very practical and I really liked the many templates and frameworks. These were particularly helpful because I can now use them in my daily job making me more efficient and my clients happy.

Erica Pew


TBDS is one of the most unique places I have ever taken courses in, considering the interaction and role-plays during sessions. they actually took the online learning to a whole new level!

Samer Ismaeil


Ready to take your team from passive to stellar?

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