Finding the career path of your dreams

by | Oct 27, 2019

Finding your career path can be a difficult task. Get inspired by Katrin and how she built the career of her dreams from scratch!

There are times when we reflect on our career path. Have you chosen the right education? Are you following your dreams? We are aware that we cannot control everything and sometimes things turn out differently.

Give yourself time to think about how you are developing professionally and personally. It allows you to learn, make changes and grow.

My story is not packed with a century of experience. I simply want to share how it worked out for me so far and how small decisions can make an exciting change in life.

Small world, big dreams

I was a shy little girl with big dreams of helping exotic animals in different ways. I remember well how intensely I was thinking about saving and taking care of animals. At that time, I didn’t dream of helping people, and I didn’t feel like I am born to do so one day.  It felt more like a destiny to work for and with animals when I grow up. I wished to have a shelter to take care of animals and I was convinced that was my career path.

As part of our school education, I got the opportunity to see behind the curtains of a vet’s day-to-day job. It caused sleepless nights for me, thinking about that exciting day. I visited the doc and even witnessed a surgery on a cat. An insightful day passed and left mixed feelings behind.

I did not feel that self-confident anymore, to imagine myself as a vet with a lot of responsibility and the impact it can have on some animals’ lives. I didn’t quit the thought of helping animals, but I assumed it is not my time yet to be an animal-saver superhero.

What choice to make?

I always admired people who already knew as a kid what they want to become in life. For some reason, I could never count myself in! Without being aware of my real passions, I started attending a commercial college. The location of the school was not too far from my parent’s home, and I would already know some people there.

It seemed like a reasonable choice, at least as a teenager and with a strong influence from my parents. Does it sound familiar?

As with growing up, priorities change. What I knew was that I want to work in an office job where I could be creative, learn a lot but don’t have to interact too much verbally. Well, that was quite a rough idea but seemed enough for a start.

The hard reality hit me when I experienced the struggle of getting a job. I started to feel the need for further education to equip myself with more skills and gain a foothold in the working world.

At that point, I enrolled myself at a university to study informatics and economics. Soon I realized that the informatics part was not really from my world. To not waste time, I changed rather quickly to a pure economics study and passed acceptably. For some reason, I encouraged myself to continue with a master’s degree.

Up to that point, I used to commute 2 hours to the university and 2 hours back. I didn’t feel ready to move out of my parents’ house and live by myself. However, after my bachelor’s graduation, I knew one thing!

I need something different to spice up my life!

katrin lindenbauer author at the bd school

Get out of my comfort zone!

It was a gut feeling that convinced me to get rid of that comfortable bubble. I pushed myself out and decided for a master’s degree with two stays abroad. This decision brought many comments from relatives, family, and friends. Many, including myself, always perceived me as an introverted and not self-confident girl from that small village.

I got told that it is not the right thing for me. Do you know people who have chosen to live in the same all their lives? Well, there is no need to convince them that there is another path but don’t let them stop you either!

I knew that I wanted to experience something new and develop personally and professionally. So it was a significant step to make!

In the end, I must believe in myself because nobody else will do that for me.

Today I consider this decision as one of the most valuable ones that I made so far. Mainly on a personal level, it taught me a lot! If you have ever spent a long time abroad, you can probably relate to that.

Living abroad can be a roller coaster of feelings. There are so many ups and downs that it might cause an upset stomach from time to time, but the thrill of it is still worth it! Do you agree?

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Embrace changes – from the village to the world

In the meantime, I spent a year in the Netherlands and gained internship experience in writing about international mobility and traveling tips. It was the first time where I felt am thoroughly enjoying a professional task and not just do it for paying bills.

I was finding my career path!

Right now, I am residing for over a year in France because I felt the need to learn a new language, and together with a job opportunity, I made this move. The integration within my new job was not how I expected. As it happens in life, sometimes you just don’t fit in. This situation convinced me to make a change. I somehow enjoy getting in unknown and sometimes uncomfortable situations.

Isn’t it great that not everything is predictable in life? It is what makes it exciting, not being able to foresee everything. I never imagined myself living abroad and neither pursuing a freelance career where I have to take over the responsibility of how I develop my own business. Here I am and up for that new challenge! I might not be the easiest way, but I am sure it will develop into a rewarding one.

I don’t have a life-time work experience, but I realized that it might not be too important to know already as a young adult what path you want to pursue. Be active, take on exciting challenges and learn from them.

Life is full of surprises, and so can be your professional way!

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Katrin Lindenbauer

Content Writer at The BD School

I am curious about discovering exciting opportunities. In this way, I am working on creating meaningful content to motivate others to also seek for new interesting experiences.


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