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Step up your game

Business development is complex and we all struggle with it. In fact, as much as 70% of business developers don’t really know what they’re doing and don’t get results.

This course will let you in the 30% elite that is actually good in business development.


What you will achieve

More confidence

You will be more confident and bold in your day-to-day work! You will win the fear of rejection, get rid of the imposter syndrome, and become a proactive business development pro.

More structure

You will have a structured overview of what is BD and how it works. You will be able to build your own processes based on the current needs of your company, with clarity, confidence, and focus.

More results

You will achieve your goals consistently and with less effort. You will be able to prioritize tasks with highest impact and waste less time on meaningless tasks that don’t move you forward.

Ready to upskill yourself?


What you will learn


Rewiring your BD mindset

You will discover “The BD School Mindset”, a bulletproof foundation that will change the way you think about business development. You will understand your role with more clarity than ever before so that you can perform effectively and with confidence.

After this class you will:

Own the business development mindset


Mastering big picture BD strategy

You will learn the main 5 business development strategies and how to systematically identify the most effective tactics for any project, role, or company. You will never be confused again about why some tactics work for you and others don’t, so you can focus on what moves you forward.

After this class you will:

Prioritize your tasks for higher impact


Build a calculated action plan

You will learn how to implement a solid, intentional process based on actual data, so you can generate new opportunities. You will remove the guesswork from your job because you’ll learn which tactics complement your overall strategy for maximum effectiveness and impact. 

After this class you will:

Build your business development plan


Developing skills for success

You will learn the soft and hard skills that will clear the way for even more future success. You will learn how to research your ecosystem, navigate relationships with key stakeholders and confidently communicate your results. You will show your worth and become a true all-round BD superstar.

After this class you will:

Master the 4 main business development skills


Move forward in your career

You will capitalize on your success and take your career to new heights—whether that’s a promotion, a new more exciting company, or starting your own business. You’ll learn to move upward rather than sideways time and time again.

After this class you will:

Design a plan for your next career steps

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The tools that will make you successful

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Online lectures

You will meet your trainer online every week, for 2 hours for the entire length of the course

the business development school - dedicated weekly q&a session

Interactive experience

You will challenge yourself with roleplays, exercises and homework to put in action what you learn 


You will receive a certificate to share on LinkedIn to get recognition as a professional business developer


You will get access to our global community to learn from your peers and make new friends

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You will get access to our mentorship program to keep growing after finishing the course


You will get free access to online events and 10% lifetime discount on offline future events


A unique experience with impact

Before I took the course, I knew what I was doing with my business, but I couldn’t really find a way to describe my function in my company. That was until I started The BD School course! Business Development is exactly what I’m doing and I love doing it! The course itself is amazing, and the thing, I loved the most was the homework. Clear, consistent, and very practical. The course really helped me set a clear path for Dearly’s future.

Quirine Wissink


The business development course at The BD School was exactly what I needed. It has opened my mind and changed my way of thinking. Our mentor Lucia was great – supportive, inspiring, and passionate.

Barbara Jezeršek


The best experience of my life. A completely fantastic course that gives you the foundation to enter this world. Thanks to them I managed to reach my dream to move to Dublin and work for a big tech company! Thanks, Lucia! See you soon!

Alessandro De Angelis


The BD School has truly changed my way of working and helped me get all the insights and strategies I needed to start my career in business development. When I found my new job I didn’t receive formal training and I didn’t have a method to execute my daily tasks. The course gave me practical tips that I could immediately apply. After the course, I felt more confident in my job and was able to hit target more consistently.

Lluis Millet Escrivà


Before the course, I didn’t have a formal business development training. All I knew I learned it on the job. But I wanted to have more structure to increase client’s conversion and generally feel more confident in my job. The course was very practical and I really liked the many templates and frameworks. These were particularly helpful because I can now use them in my daily job making me more efficient and my clients happy.

Erica Pew


TBDS is one of the most unique places I have ever taken courses in, considering the interaction and role-plays during sessions. they actually took the online learning to a whole new level!

Samer Ismaeil



€ 1,197.00

5-week business development course to boost your skills and set you up for success!

  • Personal coach
  • Homework & Exercises
  • Certificate
  • Global community
  • Mentorship program
  • Events

Simply book a call with us to start the application process.


Hi, I’m your coach!

Lucia Piseddu

I spent the last 13 years working in business development. In the coming weeks I’ll share my experience with you. Together we will go on an amazing journey that will give you solid basis to be successful in business development!

Burning Questions 

1. Who can enroll to this business development course?

This course is designed for:

– Business development professionals with up to 6 years experience in business development

– Founders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business     

– Students who want to start a career in business development

– Career switchers who want to enter in business development

2. When does the business development course start?

We run classes every month. You will receive practical information about the starting date as soon as you apply for the course..

If you have any questions,  please contact us at

3. What happens after I apply for the business development course?

After applying to the business development course you will receive a call from one of our trainers.

In this call, we will ask you questions about your background, ambitions, and future plans.

If we both think the course is right for you, you will be able to enroll directly after the call.

You can contact us at any time sending an email to

4. I want to do this, but I'm worried it won't get me real results. I've tried so many approaches before with no success. Why would this time be any different?

We hear you. 🙂

We’ve also wasted lots of time on business development approaches that flat-out sucked.

That’s the whole reason we created this program.

But here’s the thing:

The fact that you’ve spent SO much time trying SO many different unsuccessful tactics… puts you in a UNIQUE position to benefit when you enter business development course.

Because you’ve already got the tactical experience, so when we layer on top the strategic piece that you’ve been missing, you’ll have everything you need to get BIG results from the exact same tactics that failed you before.

On our end, we PROMISE to spare you from the usual superficial approach to BD that only ever gives sporadic, surface-level results.

5. How can you take such a complex topic and teach it in a way that works for my specific role?

In modules 1 and 2, we’re going to walk you through exactly how to create your own killer business development strategy, rather than just relying on a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t work in your company.

This is key.

You’ll be learning the principles behind a solid BD strategy, so that you’ll be equipped with the tools and frameworks to look at any specific project and work out the most effective route to real results.

Meaning, you can feel confident going into any new project or role.

6. Isn't it best to learn business development "on the job"?

Maybe in decades gone by… but that approach just doesn’t hold water in the modern BD industry. It’s too complex—too nuanced.

And while it is possible to learn on the job…

Boy is that taking the long way round!

Instead, what you’ll install over the next 5 weeks is foundational (and necessary) for any business developer working towards a long and fulfilling career in the industry.

Unfortunately, it’s also the step that most business developers will skip.

This is your invitation to create the strong foundation and scaffolding needed to get “BD confident” years faster than your peers who opt for the outdated “learn on the job” route.

7. I've read books about business development and watched plenty of training videos on YouTube before. How is this any different?

So have we, and we have nothing against them. 🙂

But the mission here is extremely focused and outcome-based:

We’re going to give you a super thorough understanding of foundational BD strategy so that you can confidently create your own plan for success and get results in your specific role.

No need to piece together disjointed (or even conflicting) snippets of information from books that are 95% case study or YouTube videos that send you in ten different directions at once.

Just the hyper-specific action steps needed to get leads, and get confidence.

8. I don't know if I'm really cut out for business development. Are you sure I can learn this?


Business development is a LEARNABLE skill. And contrary to popular belief, you’re not supposed to know how to do it “out of the box”.

You’re not a “bad” business developer if you don’t know how to consistently generate leads…you’re just an “under-trained” business developer.

You’re a business developer who the industry has so far FAILED by not providing adequate (or empowering) training.

We believe anyone can become a superstar BD.

Even if right now they struggle to get results after years in their role.

That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of business development course to help you build your confidence as you learn real-world strategies and apply them to your own projects.

By the time you’re done, you’ll not only know how to generate opportunities for your company, but you’ll also feel confident about your ability to do it again and again.

Ready to start your learning journey?

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