How I discovered Business Development from my failure

by | Jul 11, 2019

This is the story of how I discovered business development. After facing my biggest professional failure, I found out I was a born business developer.




Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my personal professional journey so far. In just one year, my life changed completely thanks to a shift in my career that I never considered before.




As some of you might know, I’m currently the director of sales and marketing at Nugno. A dynamic and innovative creative studio in London and Dublin. What you might not know is that to reach this point I had to go through a very rough time.




In fact, just a year ago I left my old job and I thought that my future would be in the recruitment world.




Everything collapsed like a house of cards



Of course, I knew I had to find a new job. I was under pressure and started applying for many jobs. After failing countless job interviews, someone finally offered me the job I dreamed of.




This job was an incredible opportunity for my professional growth and I was excited to get this chance.




A bit too good to be true.



My enthusiasm died almost immediately after finding out that my dream job was actually a scam. One of the largest ever recorded in the UK, to be more precise




It was easy to scam me, I so badly wanted that job. I really needed it. And I started feeling the pressure of bringing some money home.




After discovering I had fallen for a scam, I became depressed and felt like a loser. It felt like I reached one of the lowest points of my life at the time.




To make things worse, my marriage was only six months away and everything collapsed like a house of cards. Fortunately, the one who would become my wife supported me in that difficult period and gave me strength.




Get out of the comfort zone



Things finally changed in August last year, when someone offered me a new job. It was something I never really considered: I started a job as a business developer in the financial sector.




Completely out of my comfort zone, I was skeptical. Strange to say, but I don’t like numbers. All those who know me professionally think that I love mathematics and numbers. Nothing could be more wrong.




And maybe that’s why I can often stand out and think outside the box. I am actually a humanist who happens to work in a sector made up of numbers. But as it turns out, this definitely rewarded me in so many ways.




So I started and learned countless notions of finance that I never imagined would ever be part of my life. To my disbelief, I discovered I loved this job and wanted to specialize and explore the possibilities.




When I discovered that I could use my creativity and my natural communication skills I discovered a new world.




Finally, I was able to combine technology, sales strategy, sociology and much more within a single system. I could create and research every day a thousand different ways to reach my clients.




Business Development allowed me to unveil my true self



This job allows me to study the behavioral habits of different continents and based on these change my approach. And it gives me an excuse to deepen my interest in anthropology.




In simple words, terms I studied how to change my communication style based on the origin of my clients. When I do business with a decision-maker in the Middle East I use a specific approach, which is totally different from the one I use with young Japanese entrepreneurs or a Texan man born in the 70s.




Moreover, I had the chance to study and design a new sales methodology for my company.




Pro tip: read the book Doing Business in the Middle East by Donna Marsh.



After developing my approach I presented it to my boss, who, along with our CEO believed in me. So we started working on it and shortly after rolled it out across the corporation.




I will never stop thanking them for this chance. But, most of all, to thank me for pushing my idea forward and never stop believing in it.




Self-belief is my most powerful tool, this I know is true.



Today we still use this methodology as a blueprint. And nope, I won’t share it with you, sorry!




Getting into the creative world



What happened after this first success was even more unbelievable for me. In only six months I got a promotion to senior with the responsibility to build my first team.




I was flattered, but not yet satisfied. I still wanted to develop my methodology. My true passion was to introduce it to the creative world since I consider myself above all, a creative.




So, after deep consideration, I decided to leave with most of my colleagues feeling I had perhaps gone crazy. Maybe…..




But today, one year after the scam, I do a job that I love. I collaborate with peers who believe in me and write for The BD School. And, most important, I’ve met a number of like-minded people who support me and naturally appreciate what I do.




I even just started my studies as Agile coach.




Believe in yourself!



This post is for all those who are seeking inspiration and change. For the disheartened, who feel forgotten or left on the shelf.




For those who no longer see failure as an option!



Today is only one day of many, a moment,  there will be a thousand tomorrows and they will be incredible. But only if you believe in yourself. And believe that you have the power to change any circumstances with sheer grit, will, determination, self-belief, and self -respect. Oh, and of course, hard work!




You must keep going!!!

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Yuri Patriarca

Sales & Marketing Director at Nugno

I believe that dynamism and humanity will be the needle of the balance of the near future in the world of Business Development. I love to develop innovative and ad hoc sales systems for my clients.


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