Business Development Success: People before profit

by | Jun 11, 2020

Business development success largely depends on the people. Be it, customers, or employees, success is always the result of the people that make it happen.

I never saw myself as someone whose career path could be described in just one word. Simply put, I never enjoyed putting a label on my professional duties.

My focus was always on human behavior and the knowledge and power that you can derive from it. I strived to develop skills to help people around me better match their needs and make them feel fulfilled. 

Over the years, that drive, in combination with the pursuit of knowledge, has left me with the label Psychologist. My desire to challenge that status quo to always learn more motivated me to join the Business Development team at Metalshub.

How can psychology lead to business development success?

Very often I hear this sentence: “But you’re a psychologist, what does that have to do with Business Development?”.

The answer is… Everything!

Psychology is by definition “the study of the human mind and its behavior”. It shouldn’t surprise that the presence of this field in any context involving people, is of extreme importance.

Because regardless of the solution you provide, the target audience is always people. This means that in order to deliver the best solutions, we must know the singularities and complexities of human behavior. Without of course forgetting our own behavior.

Business development success does not mean sales

I’ve never been a fan of the word ‘sell’. In fact, I don’t identify myself at all when asked if I work, or have worked, in sales. 

Just out of curiosity, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘sales’? The first thing that comes to my mind is those calls from people selling TV services who basically just stalk you.

For that reason, I never saw myself as a salesperson. Instead, I always considered myself as someone who wants to help others. My goal is to facilitate some elements of their life to increase their quality of life and professional success.

Despite these differences, people still associate “sales” to my name. So instead of rejecting the word, I chose to change the behaviors associated with it and educate on what I really do.

I shared this mission with my colleagues so that together we can shed light on what we do. One of the goals is to improve all the different departments. Which also happens to be one of the main tasks of every Business Development unit

From B2B to H2H

I mostly work in B2B (Business to Business), an acronym that for me only represents a professional environment. What I actually believe makes the difference between a simple company and an empire, is the H2H – Human 2 Human.

This is one of the new trends of the 2020 market that Aaron Ross highlights, and something I dedicate myself to. H2H is much more than a professional definition. It is a definition of humanism, altruism, and cooperation.

More than ever, we live in times of greater human “demand”. The digital industry 4.0, is entering our lives faster and faster. It makes processes more efficient, as well as less dependent on human relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of digitalization. However, I think “being human” is going to be even more fundamental with the new digital trend.

Humans are social beings and we need connections to feel part of a group to feel protected and safe. Taking those connections away from us will negatively shape and impact our further actions. 

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Empathy is fundamental to every business

We don’t want more professionals who don’t show emotions and consider their job a “must do”. No. The tendency is instead to seek more and more empathy and emotion in every call and professional contact.

This is really what will drive business development success.

We need to start by putting ourselves in the other’s shoes. Because, after all, we are also clients. We like to feel protected by a brand, we want to feel confident when we are buying something. Above all, we want to feel that the person who is talking to us has a genuine interest in us.

Whether in a business development context, marketing, or even in your personal life the rules are:

  • Listen. Stay calm and pay attention to the other person.
  • Share feelings and relevant events about your life. Sharing is one of the most important things for building trust.
  • Be the best “you” you can, because our bodies can understand when someone is not being genuine.

People are the engine of any business. Although the technical aspect obviously also has an influence, the common element to all departments is people.

Business is for people, made by people. 

With this awareness, it’s up to each one of us to use all our knowledge and rules to provide the best possible service. And that’s not enough. We must do so with honesty and integrity to every human being who crosses our path.

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Sara Almeida
Business Developer at Metalshub
I help people find their purpose and contribute to a cause greater than themselves.


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