Business development in 2019: Human First

by | Apr 9, 2019

Business development in 2019 is not the same as before. Here some considerations to adapt to the changes and make it a great year.


What does it mean to do ” Business Development ” in 2019? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself constantly over the past few months.



For more than 30 years out-bound cold-calls and massive marketing campaigns have dominated the game. But like any good strategy it has its maximum effectiveness for a certain amount of time.



Well, this cycle of time is coming to an end. It  gave a lot to everyone, but it’s time to stop calling strangers or bombard our leads with cold emails.



Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that they are no longer effective, because I would be lying. But I believe that those who are not ready to change their approach will not manage to have a successful business.


One tool for all, doesn’t work


Among the most annoying marketing trends, there was the belief that new automation platforms could replace the previous methodologies. But we used automation without keeping the relationship with clients in mind.



So basically instead of combining automation and human touch, we just automated everything focusing on high numbers. This at the end caused a sort of detachment from the clients themselves.



But the common mistake, it’s precisely that of not seeing the potential of the complementarity of methods and tools.



Let’s imagine this scenario. The first approach with your potential customer usually happens on a social media platform. You start interacting, you introduce yourself. Maybe you comment on posts for a certain period of time, being very careful to never submit your product to your lead.



Now, what you’re doing is basically establish a relation with that person. Don’t you believe that your potential customer will be more open to listening to you if you already delivered some sort of value with your interactions?



There is also another advantage using this approach. You will be able to gather useful information for your pitch. So when you will make your offer it will not be standard, but tailor-made for your possible client.


Bring the human back

So, basically over the past 20 years, we faced attempts to replace all our contacts with machines. We used SEO in marketing, sales acceleration or social media platforms in sales. We tried to use technology as much as we could.


Personally, I believe we shouldn’t go for substitutions. My approach actually aims at finding the maximum efficiency in each of these. And, considering the results, this is a winning approach.



Mark this sentence well: 


In the market of the future, the humanization of the relationships between business goes hand in hand with the implementation of the AI.

So we have to be aware that we need to bring the human back in our strategies. 


To make it simple, have you ever wondered why the biggest brands today invest and pay incredible sums of money to social media influencers?



Influencers have millions of followers and they connect daily with their audience. Almost becoming a part of their family.



92% of people make recommendations from their friends and family including those that they call online friends. The big reason why influencers are so powerful today is that they managed to humanize the brands they represent.



They show how they use them in their lives and they constantly expose them in a very familiar way. And they do so establishing an emotional connection with their followers. They listen to them, talk to them and explain how that product is so useful in their lives.



This breaks the barrier of brand and customer and forms the coveted “friendship” title.



Is it time for companies to follow the humanization trend? I’d say yes.



That’s right, you understood correctly. And this is true for business developers, but also sales and marketing professionals. No matter how much machines are taking over functions relegated to man. We must accept that at the beginning of every new business there is a human relationship. And that’s the only way to acquire new opportunities.


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People are not products


The final consideration is that the 2019 customers are tired of being treated as if they were products. They are actually receptive to those who show them that they know their needs. And most important, that can help them achieve their goals. Never as today must there be an honest and clear relationship at the base of everything.



For all those companies, with old prospecting methods who don’t think about establishing a long-lasting relationship, the future is black.



The Internet is a double-edged sword, it allows us to get in touch with practically the majority of the globe. But, at the same time, it can severely punish us. Just think of how easy it is to ruin your reputation through the network. Just a wrong comment, a public post that speaks ill of your company, is enough to destroy your company’s image.



The good saying that the best publicity is the one our client makes us with the word is still valid. Today we talk via social media. So instead of communicating with four friends at the bar, we immediately talk to thousands of people. Better make it a positive advertising!



 To you who read, in addition to buying a good book on lead production, I advise you to visit the nearest tailor. Who better than he will be able to explain to you how to understand a customer’s needs?



What are the 2019 business development trends that you use? Share them with our community!



Yuri Patriarca

Sales & Marketing Director at Nugno

I believe that dynamism and humanity will be the needle of the balance of the near future in the world of Business Development. I love to develop innovative and ad hoc sales systems for my clients.


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