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Better skills = More deals

Are you tired of feeling like you’re speaking a different language to your clients or colleagues? Do you struggle to connect with certain people and miss out on closing deals because of it?

Then this bootcamp is all you need. In 4 hours you will learn communication tactics to help you build trust and close more deals.

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What you will achieve

Better relations

Learn tactics to understand your stakeholders and build better business relations

More productivity

Learn how to prioritize your conversations and followups to achieve more in less time

Skyrocket results

Use your soft skills to consistently achieve your goals and close more deals

Ready to win more deals?


What you will learn


Understand your audience
The first step is to understand what is important for your audience. You will learn how to use the DISC method to connect with your stakeholders. You will build a buyer persona based on your best clients. 

After this session you will:

Have a clear target persona


Questioning skills

You will learn questioning skills that will help you understand the pain points of your stakeholders. You will learn how to use the insights to communicate exactly what your customers want.

After this session you will gain:

Ability to ask relevant questions


Build rapport with your clients

You will learn active listening tactics that will help you build trust with your stakeholders. You will practice your new skills with roleplays with our instructors and other participants.

After this session you will gain:

Ability to build trust and build relations


Closing tactics to win deals

You will learn the best closing and followup tactics to convince your clients to work with you. You will practice your new skills in roleplays with our instructors and other participants.

After this session you will gain:

Confidence to close more deals

Ready to generate more revenue?


The tools that will make you successful

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Live sessions

You will meet your trainer and your peers live on zoom. The bootcamp consists of 2 sessions of 2 hours

the business development school - get weekly homework to practice what you learned


You will get practical assignments to work on at your own time in the week between sessions 


You will receive a certificate to share on LinkedIn to get recognition as a professional business developer


You will get access to our global community to learn from your peers and make new friends

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You will get access to our templates to save time, increase productivity and work with confidence

Video recording

You will get access to the video recording of the bootcamp so you don’t miss any important step


What your peers achieved

Just recently I attended the "Cold Outreach Bootcamp" and I am happy that I did. You really feel that Lucia and the team have been working within Business Development for a while as they enrich the course with great own experiences. Moreover, they give you very modern and practical tools to hand to improve your own processes. Thanks for the quality input!

the business development school - testimonial andreas cold outreach bootcamp

Andreas Bobrowski


The BD School course gave me a new approach to my job, helping me to improve my skills and discover a wide range of useful tools. The teacher is very good at sharing experience and passion, and the materials provided are clear and thorough. On top of this I met many other professionals who became part of my network. I highly recommend it!

Maria Cozza


Before I took the course, I knew what I was doing with my business, but I couldn’t really find a way to describe my function in my company. That was until I started The BD School course! Business Development is exactly what I’m doing and I love doing it! The course itself is amazing, and the thing, I loved the most was the homework. Clear, consistent, and very practical. The course really helped me set a clear path for Dearly future.

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Quirine Wissink



€ 249

Soft skills bootcamp to improve your skills and close more deals

  • Live session
  • Homework & Exercises
  • Certificate
  • Global community
  • Templates
  • Video recording 

Next Bootcamp:

July 26th at 2 pm CET


Hi, I’m your coach!

Lucia Piseddu

I closed 6-figure deals with C-Level in many industries. My proudest moment was closing a half-million deal while working for a Dutch tech company. I’ll teach you the best tactics to connect with your audience and win more deals.

Burning Questions 

1. Who can enroll to this soft skills bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is useful for

– business development professionals at any level

– technical employees who are involved in the sales process

If you work in a client or partner-facing role, you will benefit from the tactics we teach you in the boot camp.

The soft skills you will acquire will help you:

– Understand better your audience

– Build trust 

– Close more deals

2. How is the Bootcamp structured?

The course is structured into 1 session of 4 hours.

You will meet your trainer and peers live on Zoom.

The sessions include a theoretical part where you will learn strategies, tactics, and tools; a practical part where you will apply the learnings and practice your new cold outreach tactics.

3. I'm based in a different time zone. Can I join?

The boot camp is at 2 pm CET.

These are some local times:

  • 5 am in Los Angeles
  • 7 am in New York
  • 10 am in Rio de Janeiro
  • 4 pm in Riyadh
  • 6.30 pm in Mumbai

If you are based in a time zone that is not compatible, simply send an email to our team and we will arrange a session for you:

4. I want to train my entire team. How can I do it?

If you are a manager looking to train your team, we can organize a boot camp specifically for you.

You will be able to choose the day and time of the boot camp to accommodate the needs of your team.

Please book a call with our team at this link:

Stop losing deals!

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