6 reasons to work abroad in business development

by | Jan 6, 2020

Do you need some reasons to work abroad? Read Katrin’s latest article on why you should consider working abroad as a business developer.

Have you ever thought about plunging into an adventure abroad to bring yourself and your business development career to the next level? 

I am sure you have heard Ricky Gervais saying “The grass is not always greener on the other side.” It also goes for working abroad, but we also have a bunch of good reasons that can make you want to do it.  

Enjoy our 6 reasons to work abroad!

1. Step out of your comfort zone 

Probably you have heard and read a lot about how important it is to take the leap and get out of your comfort zone, to grow personally and professionally. There are many ways to do so. What seems easy for some people, can be a real hurdle for others. It often depends on what you have experienced so far and your personality.

Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking, what next?

I had difficulties to figure it out myself. Some years ago, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else than in Austria. I was scared of the thought of living somewhere where I don’t speak the language and don’t know anybody. Back then, I was not able to identify any benefits from it. As it happens in life, I let my fear or worries guide me. 

The day arrived where I felt like I needed an adventure. Something that scares me a bit but could excite me as well. Five years ago, I went abroad for three months for the first time. 

If I could tell my younger self about my experience abroad, I would not have had such a hard time to figure out what to do. 

2. Expand your perspective

Everyone has fears but experiencing some time abroad does not need to be one of those. Of course, it takes effort to get familiar with habits, the culture, people and the language, but the result is much more rewarding. 

All the varied impressions you will gain in your professional and private life abroad sharpen your perception and broaden your perspective in many areas. 

3. Boost your creative mindset 

There are a lot of companies where multicultural teams are already part of everyday life. However, you will have a different experience when you work within teams abroad. 

You get to know various mindsets which can enforce innovative and creative work and also pulls you out of your habitual thinking. It will drive you to think out of the box. 

For business developers, this is definitely one of the most important reasons to work abroad!

4. Increase your flexibility

While you are familiar with internal processes in the organization you are working for, you will face other working practices and different work culture in a company abroad. These differences bring you without doubt into unfamiliar situations. It will help you to become more flexible when dealing with new challenges, making decisions and solving problems. 

The bright side is that you will learn to accept the circumstance that your life won’t be precisely how you were used to from back home. Those are exactly the situations that let you grow, and that’s what makes them beneficial and not only negative hurdles.  

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5. Develop valuable connections

While staying and working abroad can teach you a lot about dealing with new situations outside of your familiar environment, you will also benefit from meeting new people. 

You probably attend social meet-ups in your home country or you are active on social networking platforms as well, but getting to know people abroad in person can open up new possibilities for you. You can benefit at a personal level and advance your business development career. 

If you expand your network over the borders, you can get in touch with like-minded people who often come handy at one point.

It can give your career the desired boost.

To give you an example, I have worked with a guy who later put me in touch with one of his friends who were looking for support for his projects. Today I work successfully with this person. Even if you don’t see immediate benefits for those connections, you never know what your future can bring. 

6. Empower yourself

It might happen like that when you go abroad. First, you are bursting with excitement. There are so many new things to discover. As soon as this high subsides, you will learn to deal with all the differences that come with it.

If you spend a long enough period abroad, you also won’t get around dealing with unpleasant things like red tape. See the positive in it! It will sharpen your problem-solving skills, which is a precious asset. 

There is no way around making efforts if you want to maximize the pleasure and get the best possible experience out of it. 

One day, you most certainly will find yourself tired of your life abroad or annoyed that it isn’t like back at home the place. At this point, always remember that it is the reason why you went abroad in the first place – to embrace changes. See the positive side of facing these challenges, and at one point, you will thank yourself for doing it.

You might not perceive the benefits of your stay abroad instantly, which does not make it always easy. Give yourself enough time and start to reflect on your experience. You will realize how much you have learned.

It might feel like there is never a right moment, but sometimes it just requires a step forward which transforms into a hugely valuable and professional experience. 

Did we convince you to work abroad?  We have job openings in Rotterdam and Barcelona, send us an email at hello@thebdschool.com!



Katrin Lindenbauer

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I am curious about discovering exciting opportunities. In this way, I am working on creating meaningful content to motivate others to also seek for new interesting experiences.


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