Webinar: Growth Hacking applied to Business Development

by | Mar 19, 2021

Learn how growth hacking can be applied to business development. Watch this webinar to learn what it is and how to use it in BD.

Growth hacking is a relatively new field in marketing based on rapid experimentation to drive growth quickly by learning what people want. Growth hacking can be applied to business development to make our processes easier and gain more visibility over what we do.

Our guest in the webinar is Andres Campo. He is the founder of BuildUp Camp, a growth hacker, and lecturer at Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences.

Watch this webinar and learn how growth hacking is applied to business development, insights into the growth mindset, and growth hacking in practice.

Key takeaways from the webinar: growth hacking applied to business development

In growth hacking, you always want to start with analyzing. You want to analyze the data that you have about your users, how they use your products, and what your competitors are doing. Based on your findings, you want to start ideating potential experiments. After that, you need to prioritize and determine which of them to pursue and finally, you test your experiments to see which ones produce the biggest growth wins.

It’s is important because it saves money on unnecessary advertising and marketing and it helps us to get compound learning. Further, it drives growth when it comes to users or customers and revenue.

There are 3 crucial skills you want to have as a growth hacker. The first is to have channel expertise. The second skill is analytical capability: you have to know how to handle data! The third skill is more of a soft skill: it’s cross-functional strategic thinking.

More takeaways:

  • how the growth hacker looks like
  • the origins of growth hacking
  • how to know if you have a product-market fit
  • what is the pirate funnel

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