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How do I build a startup?

You have a great idea and deep inside you know it will bring value to the market. But you never built a company on your own and don’t really know where to start.

We will teach you how to understand your ecosystem to make sure you build something your customers really want!

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Build a sustainable business designed for success

Build your identity

You will learn how to formalize your values, vision, and mission. You will learn how to position your startup and genuinely connect with your audience.

You will build solid value propositions that resonate with your audience!

Map your ecosystem

You will learn how your ecosystem works and how to leverage it. You will learn how to run market research, how to analyze your competitors, and how to understand what your customers really want.

You will build a solid business development plan!

Validate your ideas

You will learn how to validate your ideas using experiments. You will learn how to find new opportunities to sustainably find customers and grow your company.

You will know what works for your startup and what you should exclude instead!


This is how you will learn

Learn in a personal way

Every startup has its own story and we will make sure to customize the course to your unique vision. Before getting started, we will run a Startup Identity Test and you will be able to share your ambitions. Your personal trainer will customize the course to match your goals and make your startup succesful.


Learn in an interactive way

The course is informal, fun, and interactive to make sure you make the most out of our time together. You will meet your trainer every week for 2 hours in a live call. The trainer will introduce you to the different topics and you will be an active part of the experience!

Learn in a practical way

You will learn in a practical way and will immediately apply the knowledge to your business. We will use roleplays and exercises in class, so you can get real-time feedback. You will also have assignments to complete during the week. All the assignments are very concrete actions that will help your startup grow.
the business development school - community

Learn from your peers

You will become part of an international community of 1500+ business development professionals and founders. You can use the community to ask questions, support, or simply network with other like-minded people. Learning doesn’t stop with the course, we will make sure you keep having the support you need to keep growing your startup!


The 4 pillars for success


We will help you develop a mindset to make you resilient and able to tackle future challenges

the business development school - structured approach to business development


We will help you structure your idea so you can have a solid plan to make your startup a success story

the business development school - dedicated weekly q&a session


We will teach you what it really means to be a startup founder using our first-hand experience. 

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People first

You always come first! We will help you uncover hidden talents to leverage in your business

Ready to make your startup a success?


This is what you will learn 



In this first module, you will build the foundations of your startup. We will help you formalize your vision, mission, and values to make sure your audience understands who you are and how you generate value for your customers.


Build your startup identity



In this module, you will learn what strategies you can adopt to grow your startup. We will teach you how to use strategic business development, sales, marketing, product development, strategic partnerships, and market entry to grow your startup in its different stages.


Build a 2-year strategic roadmap



In this module, you will learn how to run market research, competitor analysis, and customer research. We will teach you how to leverage data to take concrete actions and put your startup in front of your audience.


Build data-driven value propositions


Soft skills

In this class, your team will learn the main soft skills necessary for business development. We will practice research, communication, negotiation, and time management. Your team will learn with roleplays, exercises and business cases.

After this class you will:

Master the main business development skills


Measure & Scale

In this module, you will learn how to design business development experiments and validate new ideas. You will be able to build dashboards to measure your activities and identify the best practices to scale your startups.


Design experiments and measure your tasks

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A unique experience with impact

Before I took the course, I knew what I was doing with my business, but I couldn’t really find a way to describe my function in my company. That was until I started The BD School course! Business Development is exactly what I’m doing and I love doing it! The course itself is amazing, and the thing, I loved the most was the homework. Clear, consistent, and very practical. The course really helped me set a clear path for LUTTO’s future.

the bd school quirine wissink

Quirine Wissink


The BD School has truly changed my way of working and helped me get all the insights and strategies I needed to start my career in business development. When I found my new job I didn't receive formal training and I didn't have a method to execute my daily tasks. The course gave me practical tips that I could immediately apply. After the course, I felt more confident in my job and was able to hit target more consistently.


Lluis Millet Escrivà


Before the course, I didn't have a formal business development training. All I knew I learned it on the job. But I wanted to have more structure to increase client's conversion and generally feel more confident in my job. The course was very practical and I really liked the many templates and frameworks. These were particularly helpful because I can now use them in my daily job making me more efficient and my clients happy.

the business development school testimonial erica pew

Erica Pew



Business Development Course for Startups

A 5-week intensive course to make your startup a success story!


  • Personal trainer
  • Startup identity test
  • Homework & Exercises
  • Templates & tools
  • Support community
  • Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can take this business development course?

The training is designed for first-time entrepreneurs who are building their first startup. It doesn’t matter in which industry you operate or what type of service or product you are building. We personalize our approach to your unique case!

2. What happens after I enroll?

You will get immediate access to our online school where you will find our community and mentors. At the same time, you will receive an email from our team with a link to schedule your first class. You are in control of the timing, so you choose your favorite day of the week to have your first class. After that, our trainers will send you invites for the following 4 weeks at the same day and time you chose.  

3. When does the course start?

You decide the starting day. When you enroll you will receive an email and you will be able to select the day and time of your first class.

4. What is the modality of the course?

The course is online and can be done 100% remotely. The business development course lasts 5 weeks and every week we will meet for 2 hours. The classes take place on Zoom in real-time. The course is highly interactive and the exercises are based on the actual challenges you’re facing at the moment. After each class, you will receive all the course materials (slides, templates, video) as well as the homework.

5. Do you have discounts for startups?

Yes, we do provide a 10% discount for the following categories:

  • Startups focusing on education
  • Startups focusing on social impact
  • Startups based in developing countries

If you identify yourself with the categories, please send us an email to: 

6. Can I pay by installments?

If you don’t have a budget you can pay in 3 monthly installments of 440 € each. You can choose the installment plan at this link

Ready to grow your startup?

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