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Discover our students’ stories. How did Giulia benefit from our course to grow her startup? Find out in the interview below!

Many of us dream of building their own company one day and make the world a better place. After all, the feeling you get from building something from scratch that helps people is priceless. Sometimes it’s scary though and we don’t dare to take the leap of faith.

That’s why it’s so important to get to know other entrepreneur’s stories and learn from their experience. We are here to help with this and we launched a new series: students’ stories! This time we introduce you to Giulia Amicone, co-founder of Apsicologa and student in our course in June 2020.

Apsicologa is an early stage startup that was born to solve a very big issue:

The negative perception people have about psychology.

Raise your hand if you also avoided going to a psychologist for fear of being judged!

Giulia and her co-founder Federica understand this perfectly, but they also believe that this shouldn’t be the case. So their mission became to find an innovative solution to overcome prejudice and make psychology flexible, sustainable, and adapted for our liquid society.

And seeking help when you need it’s something you should always do in every domain you need. That’s precisely the reason why she decided to take our course.

As a founder, it can be challenging to think ahead and build solid steps for the growth of your company. There is an easy way to hack this:

Create a solid network of mentors and likeminded people that can support you in your journey.

Discover more about Apsicologa and how The BD School helped them plan the next steps for their growth!

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Can you tell us a bit more about you?

I am Giulia, I am a licensed psychologist and I hold a PhD in environmental psychology. I am from Rome, but lived and worked also in Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Valencia. These cities will always be part of my story!

I can describe myself as a creative and dynamic person, always eager to learn, make new experiences, and dive into new projects. This attitude led me to co-found Apsicologa, an innovative company that brings psychological counseling services into everyday life places.

Why did you create Apsicologa?

We created Apsicologa together with my friend and colleague, Federica Micale. I first met my co-founder at the university and we always shared the same vision of psychology that can be also innovative and smart.

One of our strongest desires was to make our voices heard and build a company that could contribute to overcoming prejudices, barriers, and stigma. Our goal is to make psychology flexible, sustainable, and adaptable to the dynamic needs of our liquid society.

So we put together our creativity and professionality and we started Apsicologa: the psychologist “breaks” the room’s wall and hold their session in cafes, squares, parks and online.

We provide psychological support for everyday-life problems, reaching people in their everyday-life places, that have a strong potential in contributing to improving people’s well-being.

the business development school - case study apsicologa giulia and federica

What’s the thing that makes you most proud about your company?

One first thing that makes me proud of Apsicologa is the fact that it is working! We heard our clients saying:

“I like the fact that I can speak to a psychologist while drinking a coffee”

“It’s nice to meet you my favorite park”

“I can be home and talk to a psychologist online” and it is really powerful!

It represents a strong confirmation for us: we are feeling that we are going in the right direction. Making young people feel comfortable when getting their psychological support. We are proud that our clients understand that seeing a psychologist can be something simple, natural, and easily accessible!

What are your main challenges as an entrepreneur?

I guess that the first challenge was to see myself as an entrepreneur! My priority is always to improve my capabilities because it makes me discover new parts of myself. So starting my journey as an entrepreneur was and still is an interesting challenge.

Together with Federica, we are facing multiple challenges to make Apsicologa grow. From creating our website to developing all the booking procedures, to build our presence on social media, especially on Instagram. We are taking care of everything, and we are both looking forward to the next challenges.

I am eager to see Apsicologa grow!

Why did you join The BD School?

The BD school sounded like what we needed at that moment for Apsicologa. We were approaching the world of acceleration programs and investors, and I needed a specific course to better understand the processes. I wanted to get more familiar with a “new language” related to business.

Also, I wanted to learn something more specific regarding business development strategies. Last, I wanted to have a guide that could help us to organize what we had already accomplished, and to plan the next steps.

What’s the main outcome of your learning journey?

The BD school helped me to be aware of the goals we already achieved with Apsicologa. Moreover, it was crucial to plan the next steps and to have a broader vision of the future of our company.

Another important outcome of my learning journey was having more insights into the business development field. Getting to learn all the phases and the strategies to start, develop, and make a business grow.

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What would you say to someone who is considering the course?

Being a founder is great but requires courage. You need to keep your motivation at a high level, to be a bit critical but never forget to acknowledge what you already accomplished. At some point in your journey, it may be harder to recognize what you already did and which are the next steps to take.

The BD school gives you tailored and professional support in this process.

Having the opportunity to share your experience with the other business developers and founders and working week by week at class and with case studies, helps you to keep track of your work, to understand your needs, to be more aware of your skills.

If you are looking for mentorship, a supportive community, and useful resources to support you in your journey, The BD School is the right choice.

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Lucia Piseddu

Founder at The BD School

The thing I love the most in business development is its creative process. My job is to help people unleash their potential and become great at business development.


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