Monday motivation for business developers

by | Sep 9, 2019

Monday motivation for business developers is a must-read to get started again. Jump right back to work after holidays with our tips!

September is the most Monday-like month of all, especially in Europe. We get back to work after long trips to sunny places, we pick up projects from where we left them in July.

We start remembering all those small details that we decided to put behind our backs in order to be able to enjoy our time with family.

Don’t you feel excited to start a new year too? If your answer is “no” or “not yet”, we have some suggestions for you…

I am feeling overwhelmed!

Going back to work after a long vacation means we have so much piled up on our desk. Often, that’s just too much to handle, even mentally. Is this making you anxious? I know it makes me so.

And that’s why you definitely need some Monday motivation!

Start small. Every big challenge can be broken down into smaller chunks. These little tasks are definitely easier to perform and will take up to 10 minutes tops. Before you realize it, you will finish the tens of 10-minute tasks before the end of the week.

That messy pile of paper is actually just single sheets waiting to be read one by one.

I’m so tired!

I get it, when I got back from my holiday I felt jet-lagged too. It felt like coming back from a place where all I had to do was sit on the beach, read a novel and go for a swim. And eat, of course.

I knew I would feel too exhausted just by thinking of picking up my July work rhythm. So I promised myself I wouldn’t ask myself that much.

Start slowly. The first day you just answer the urgent emails, the second day you go through all the other emails, the third day you can run some team meetings. Slowly everything will fall back in place and you’ll be your usual self in no time!

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I’m not ready to take all those no’s 

That’s already hard on an ordinary day, isn’t it? I mentioned urgent matters above, no’s are almost never urgent. From my experience, yes’s are! Therefore, let those no’s sit in the inbox for a little while, just as long as you need to get back your good mood from having some fun with your colleagues.

1. Why am I feeling lazy and bad about it?

Be happy that you are feeling like this! Most people couldn’t care less about their motivation or their job. These are mediocre people. Instead, you are part of the winning minority. You care. You have the main card it takes to find a motive and be successful!

2. And if all this didn’t work, let me be the bad cop for a minute…

If all these nice words don’t work, look at your exhaustion from a different angle – you want demotivation to end? Then the only way to get over the pain is to put an end to it. Start from anywhere, but start doing something! As my mom always said – or was it Mary Poppins? – well begun is half done.

What are your tips to stay motivated? Share them with our community!

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