Meet your business development mentor

by | Mar 12, 2021

Meet your business development mentor. We made it easy for you to find inspiring mentors and to help you in your career.

Business development is a challenging career that is surely rewarding but very lonely at times. With this in mind, a few months ago we started working on a mentorship program. The goals is to help you meet your business development mentor and grow in your career with the help of other professionals.

If you never worked with a mentor, you might not be entirely aware of how much they can positively impact your life. This alone is already a good reason to find one as soon as you can, but let us give you some more context and reasons to meet your business development mentor.

Mentors are individuals who voluntarily decide to share their experience with the selfless goal of seeing you grow to your full potential. They do it by sharing their mistakes, wins, tips, and anything else they think could help you think differently and move forward. Moreover, they help you exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources.

Mentorship is such an amazing way to grow because it’s fluid, informal, and based on experience sharing. You are fully in control of the process and there is no pressure because your mentor is not there to judge you or tell you what to do. In short, a mentor is not your coach or teacher, but really just a colleague with more experience whom you happen to respect and like to spend time with. However, before you meet your business development mentor, this is what you should know before starting.

What is mentorship?

Firstly, you should know that there isn’t a universal definition of mentorship because of its informal nature. Simply put, mentorship is a professional relationship in which both the mentor and the mentee grow together. Usually, the mentor is a more experienced professional in a specific domain and helps the mentee by sharing their knowledge.

It’s important to notice that the expertise of the mentor doesn’t have to do necessarily with the age of the person. Potentially, you can have a mentor who is much younger than you, but more specialized in your specific field.

We believe this is also one of the strengths of the mentorship and we actually embedded this characteristic in our business development course. The classes are very diverse in background and age and based on the feedback of our students, that’s also one of the features they enjoy the most, although unexpectedly.

What is not mentorship?

Secondly, a mentor is not a teacher, coach, or recruitment consultant. Their job is not to teach you in a formal way, give you homework and find you a job. Rather, they help you understand better your ambitions and figure out a way to realize them.

Usually, you decide together with the mentor how you want your relationship to be and at what frequency you want to meet. However, it’s important to understand that a mentor is someone who has a genuine interest in helping others, but they do it voluntarily and with other people too. It’s important to understand that having a mentor doesn’t mean you’ll get a personal coach for free.

Be respectful of their time, don’t put pressure on them if their advice comes in late or is not as detailed as you want it to be. A mentor is a guide, and as such they deserve your respect and understanding.

Who are the Business Development Mentors?

Our mentors are alumni of The BD School and learned business development in a structured way. During the live class, they distinguished themselves for their very collaborative and positive attitude. All of them loved the fact that in class, everyone would learn from each other and that inspired them to take on the role of mentors.

They share a unique passion to help others unleash their talent, but most importantly, they are also aware that they need to keep learning. Ultimately, they see mentorship as a way to challenge themselves and keep growing.

Meet your business development mentor, Maria Chiara

Maria Chiara joined The BD School in 2020 and she is an explosion of energy and creativity. She loves innovation, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Everywhere she goes, she’ll make sure to leave her mark with her ideas, kindness, and ambition.

We live in a highly complex world where technology changed everything, and jobs were no exception. Back in the days, you could just continue your father’s job, but now it’s not that simple anymore to find your right career path.

She has experience in business development in the fintech field, e-learning, consultancy, and entrepreneurship. Her superpowers are strategic business development, prospecting, and negotiation. Of course, being so sociable she’s also great with relations building and networking.

Meet your business development mentor, Sepehr

Sep moved to Turkey about a year ago and the challenging environment provided him growth opportunities every single day. He started his business development career when he was still in his home country, Iran. There he found out that he’s multipotential, he’s too curious to remain too long on one subject it.

We all need mentors. It makes life easier and he’s happy if he can guide someone with the right steps and get better results in their professional journey. Being a mentor is an altruistic act, an act of kindness, and an act of giving. While he’s making a person a better professional, that person is making him a better human being. So, they both win.

Sep can provide help with topics such as innovation, startup world, marketing, tools, and business development strategy. Besides, he’s also experienced in market analysis and market entry. All of this in a creative way.

Meet your business development mentor, Maria

Maria moved to Rome when she was 18 where she started working in Public and Regulatory Affairs for Telecom Italia, the main Telco operator in Italy. She supported the strategic positioning of the company related to innovative services and digital content. During this experience, she started developing her networking and organizational skills. After other experiences in lobbying, she decided to embrace a new opportunity and joined a language school and translation agency as head of the department. That’s when she fell in love with business development.

Last year she also became a business development consultant for a creative agency. A sector that she truly enjoys because of the energy and motivation that characterizes it. She has dealt with confidence issues for most of her life and recently realized that this has become a strength. Since she often found herself out of the comfort zone she is now accustomed to this feeling and she’s now able to difficult and potentially scary situations with no additional worries.

Sharing knowledge and experiences is something she does in every aspect of her life. Because she considers it as a key for individual and social success. Maria loves the idea to contribute to the growth of this community and its participants by sharing her expertise and giving support to other business developers in need. The thing that makes her more enthusiastic is to know that young professionals can improve their skills thanks to her advice.

She is an excellent networker, that can help you with communication, and breaking the ice. Maria believes in the importance of trust when building relationships. She thinks that being a mentor will be a great opportunity to grow and to discover new characteristics of business development and herself.

Meet your business development mentor, Matteo

Matteo is a mechanical engineer, father of three, and running addict. However, despite his technical background, he fell in love with business development. He works as an account manager for a German company working in fluidics and process engineering. His main task is to develop business with big end users in Pharma and F&B fields.

Matteo took our course in 2020 and decided to join as a business development mentor for many reasons, but the most important one is the infinite gratitude to the mentors he had. When he found this amazing community he realized that it’s the chance he had to give back what he received. For him, this is a gift and a great opportunity to learn from people all over the world.

His friends and colleagues know him for his research competencies. He loves to simplify his surroundings and doing so, he tends to become an initial advisor for his firm. Moreover, he has great analytical skills, and he’s an expert in project management and change management.

Meet your business development mentor, Hubert

Originally from California, but moved to New York to get into publishing. He really likes to write so he moved anywhere he could do what he likes. Hubert has worked in publishing, law, education, retail, startups, advertising, and media. Initially, he had no intention of getting into business development but all those experiences have prepared him for his chosen career.

Business development is a combination of skills that he has acquired along the way. If there’s one thing he learned throughout life and a professional career, it’s to be brave. He once delivered a cake to an advertising agency he wanted to work at and he got the job. Once he showed up randomly to an HR department. He sat in the lobby for hours only to be turned away. Eventually, he got a job too. It’s okay to be scared and think what you’re doing is silly but do it anyway. Be brave. It might work.

He firmly believes that together we can go farther than alone. When you don’t have the luck to grow up with like-minded people, you have to look for them. That’s precisely what he did it and is very grateful for all the people that he met. Because they share the same passion, do better every day.

Hubert’s strengths are marketing and lead generation. He’s also passionate about new ventures, whether it be a company or a new initiative within an established company. Last, he’s good at taking ideas and turning them into real tangible assets.

Meet your business development mentor, Martina

Martina is a business developer and project manager in the tech industry. Her biggest passions are the digital world and volleyball. Moreover, she is on a mission to digitize her family’s local shop – and to win some beach volley tournaments. In the last 5 years, she has been working with startups and corporates helping them to define, and develop the right digital product for their needs. After an experience abroad, she fell in love with the startup world that she finds fascinating because everything changes fast and you can be a part of the full process.

During the lockdown, she attended the live training at The BD School and ut helped her a lot to define her own process to find new job opportunities. She also met other professionals who helped her to find the motivation to reach her goals. The main outcome of her learning is the business development method. She has learned that she needs to have a strategy because if you really want to achieve long-term results, you need to have a plan.

Martina is a business development mentor because she strongly believes in the power of sharing. She thinks that there is no need to be shy. If you need to talk with someone who probably already experienced your same struggles, she’s here! Martina can help you with lead generation, product development, marketing among the rest.

Meet your business development mentor, Vikrant

Vik was born and raised in India, but moved to Houston to attend graduate school in 2014 where he started working for an independent oil and gas company. Over the last 5 years, he has helped the company grow exponentially by wearing different hats. Those were engineering, accounting, operations, acquisitions and divestitures, technology implementation, and digitalization.

His goal is to start his own business and expand his family business overseas. He spends most of his free time volunteering for different causes. He’s active in the Society of Petroleum Engineers – to disseminate knowledge in the oil and gas sector and he is mentoring students to help them achieve their educational and professional aspirations. He enjoys traveling, engaging in conversations, and tasting different whiskey’s.

He is a business development mentor because he has personally had great mentors. They made him think outside the box and pursue things that he wouldn’t have pursued otherwise. It was one of his mentors who listened to his idea and advised him through it enabling him to file two technology patents. Sometimes, a mentor can’t give us the right answer, but they can at least guide us in the right direction. Ultimately, his professional success is framed by his mentors and he wants to give back through this program.

Vik can help with strategic partnerships, communication, product development, managing up, down, and across, negotiations, research, and program design. Also, technology integration, process automation, workflow creation and standardization, and last financial modeling. 

How to find your business development mentor?

We made it extra easy for you to meet your business development mentor. All you have to do is visit this page, fill the form in detail and we will match you with the right mentor. Our team knows personally all the mentors, and our mission is to find the mentor that has the most in common with you, so you’ll have an amazing experience.

This is what other mentees said so far:

I could not be happier. Hubert and I hit it off and have already scheduled a second meeting. I was reminded of my love for BD.


In my case, we definitely have a match. Augusto is so experienced, we made some plans already for the future.


Last, as part of the mentorship program, you also get other perks such as a personal discount on our courses, priority invitations to all our events, and special offers from our partners. Literally, you have no excuse not to take your business development career to the next level!

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