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by | Dec 23, 2020

Looking for gift ideas for business developers? We got you covered. Check our list of creative ideas to make your business developers happy.

Christmas is coming and so the struggle to find the perfect gift ideas for our loved ones. This year especially, we all want to make our friends, family and colleagues a little bit happier.

It was a challenging one, and it was particularly hard on business development professionals who faced unprecedented challenges.

So we thought, why not share some creative gift ideas for business developers to show them we appreciate their effort? And why not do that and also support young companies?

In fact, the companies listed below are owned by some of our talented students who recently completed our business development course.


Gift idea for business developers #1: A luxurious team outing

2020 was a challenging year for all of us, without the possibility to travel anywhere we want, we all got locked in our houses for months. So why not surprise your team with a luxurious team outing as soon as traveling will be allowed again? 

Think crystal clear water in the South of France, fancy yachts and jetpacks. 

Realizing this dream has never been easier. You can simply visit Ocean Premium, the leading water toys rental platform, and choose one of the many options to get a luxurious team outing for your business developers. 

Do you know a better way to keep your team motivated? We don’t!

Gift idea for business developers #2: A fancy piece of art

With many of us inside all the time, it’s important to have an inspiring workspace to spark creativity and keep us motivated. As a gift idea for your business developers, we think you should consider a nice piece of art.

But not any piece. Instead, choose to support emerging artists and help them as well build their career. 

You can do it on Hoovus, the next generation art community who’s on a mission to give a space to emerging artists, while helping you get amazing art at an affordable price.

Creativity is a key skill in business development, make sure you keep it alive in your team!

Gift idea for business developers #3: A conversation with a therapist

We know, many people don’t like talking about their emotional struggles and you’ll probably find this idea a bit peculiar. But the truth is that this year was particularly challenging, and to be successful in business development you need to have good control over your emotions.

It’s a job that relies strongly on relationships and you take a lot of rejection all the time. If you add the impossibility to meet your colleagues and take your mind off the pressure once in a while, you can easily get trapped in your own perceptions.

Which is a difficult position to be in, if you want to get results. 

So, why not give your business developers a conversation with a psychologist? Giulia and her team are on a mission to normalize asking for help and they do so by making their appointments as easy and comfortable as possible for their clients.

You can get individual sessions and why not, maybe a team one to help your business developers share their experience and help each other.

Based in Italy but with an international outlook, Apsicologa will make your team resistant to any emotional turmoil!

the business development school - apsicologa

Gift idea for business developers #4: A healthy start of the day

Starting the day in a healthy way is key to have a productive and motivated team. So in our list of gift ideas for business developers, we couldn’t miss a healthy option.

If you’re based in Amsterdam, consider offering a healthy breakfast subscription for your team. You will help them be healthier, waste less time and ultimately, to be more productive during the day.

Jarable is on a mission to make all this possible, in a simple and delicious way! Head to their website and choose one of the plans that suit best for your team.

Gift idea for business developers #5: A nice candle

Candles are always a good gift. They make your space much more comfortable and enjoyable. Which translates into making your team more productive, focused and happy to be working at home.

After all, without our colleagues around, we need something to feel the warmth which comes from being part of a great team. So in this list of gift ideas for business developers we definitely suggest helping them recreate this feeling of belonging at home.

The Nice Candle was born as an experiment with some of our students and quickly became a tool we use during our live course when teaching some key business development concepts. 

Not only will you make your team happy, but you’ll also contribute to creating the next generation of business developers and founders. How cool is that?

Gift idea for business developers #6: A beauty box

Christmas is the perfect chance to treat your business developers with a beauty gift. But why rely on the usual big chains that offer impersonal and overpriced gifts?

Instead, help your business developers take care of their skin with one of Chosun skincare boxes. Their products are top quality and most importantly, customized to the person receiving them.

If you’re tired of seeing all those skin imperfections on Zoom, this might be your chance!

Gift idea for business developers #7: An Italian language class

We know, we’re biased! Part of our team is Italian, so it made sense for us to include an Italian class in this gift idea for business developers.

But we know many of you love Italy as well, so why not offer an Italian group class to your team? Francesca is the founder of LIT School. We guarantee she will make you fall in love with the Italian language and culture. 

You will help your team expand their horizons, while at the same time enjoy a fun and educational team building experience.

Gift idea for business developers #8: A classic, a book

We love learning and we know it’s a key factor in business development. If you want to keep competitive and make sure you’re building the right opportunities, then you need to keep learning.

A book can be the first step into making your team more aware of the importance of learning. And of course, you’ll get a team which is more efficient and successful.

Choose a book from this list and encourage your team to read. Our must-read for business developers, is this one: Winning Conversations: mastering the art of business development.

books for business development

Gift idea for business developers #9: A session with a career coach

Career development is very important for business developers. In fact, probably for everyone with ambitions and a big desire to succeed in the professional world. But sometimes it’s difficult for them to find their way and really know how to build a successful career.

That’s why we suggest getting your team a session with a career coach, Gaia from YourMillennialMentor in specific. With experience in one of the largest HR groups in the world, she can help you align with your team’s ambitions in a fun, engaging, and productive way.

If you want a successful team, make sure you enable you to build the future they dream of. They will love you for that and will want to stick with you in the long run! 

Gift idea for business developers #10: A business development course

This holiday season is a special one. Many of us are far from our families and can’t really enjoy a worry-free Xmas time. But, this is a good chance to use this time to improve yourself and setting yourself up for success.

We are huge fans of education…I mean, we built a platform dedicated just to it! And the reason is that we know the difference knowledge makes in making in your business development job more effiicient.

So, to end the year on an optimistic note, equip your team with the knowledge and tools they need to make your company successful. Check out our live course and if you want a more tailored approach, get in touch!

We wish you all a very happy ending of the year and an even more successful 2021!


Lucia Piseddu

Founder at The BD School

The thing I love the most in business development is its creative process. My job is to help people unleash their potential and become great at business development.


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