Become a confident business developer

Learn business development foundations at your own pace and get more results

Important “make or break” question for business developers who’ve been in BD for 2+ years and feel like you should know more about your job:

What’s the ONLY difference between business​​​​​​​ developers who can confidently generate a steady flow of leads “on tap”…

… and those who struggle to break through the noise, spending their whole career “job hopping” while their lack of results follows them from company to company?

If you guessed “cold email strategy”, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed “content and SEO” you’d still be wrong

And if you guessed…

… social selling on LinkedIn

… mastering cold calling

… or running paid ads

You’d still be oh-so-terribly wrong.

‘Cause here’s the deal…

We’ve reached a “BD Confidence” crisis

(…and we’re here to tell you it’s not your fault)


Let me know if this sounds familiar:

First month into your new job… things are going well.

It’s new. It’s exciting. None of the baggage from your old company.

Your LinkedIn profile gets a killer new update because it’s an impressive company…

…but it’s all an illusion.

The hard work has yet to begin.


Month two and month three… you’re still enthusiastic.

You’re doing a lot. Posting on LinkedIn, making calls, sending out emails.

No results yet… but you’re given the benefit of the doubt. You’re new and you need a little bit of time to “ramp up” to those big results you promised in your interview.


Month four? Month five? And still no real results?

Your manager calls you into a meeting.

Of course, you’ve had check-ins like this before… but this one feels different.

She looks visibly uncomfortable.

You explain what you’ve been doing (just like you did last week)…

Then you pause and take a sip of your coffee.

“Look,” she says, “you’ve been posting good stuff. I like it.

But the problem is we still haven’t seen any results from it. We haven’t closed anything yet and…


“It’s becoming a bit of a problem.”

You play it cool… keep your composure… but behind the confident exterior…
Your anxiety and imposter syndrome have SPIKED.

You feel completely and totally exposed.

You assure her that you’ve got it under control…

You explain that these things take a little bit of time to “snowball”…

You suggest that things are quiet out there anyway…

“Let’s touch base again on Friday,” she suggests.

You grab your coffee and head back to your desk.

… Sat down at your desk …
… Composed on the outside …
… You start clicking around in Outlook …
… Looking like you’re back to work …
… But really …

You’re having a next-level “Oh Shit” moment that’s got you wondering if you’re cut out for this whole BD thing after all.

“How am I going to fix this?”
“Why can’t I figure this out?”
“​​​​​​​I’m such a FRAUD.”

With All That Time You Spend Grinding Away At Your Desk

Isn’t It About Time You Felt CONFIDENT In Your Role As A Business Developer?

You’ve put in the hours, after all.

Two years and countless hours hustling for leads…

  • You deserve confidence.
  • You deserve to know EXACTLY how to get consistent results in your role, whether that’s generating leads, forming new partnerships, or establishing new revenue streams…
  • You deserve to understand the big picture strategy rather than the superficial tactics that never seem to actually work in practice.
  • You deserve to know how to run your own experiments to understand EXACTLY what works in your specific industry and company.
  • You deserve the polished LinkedIn profile…
    … and the “well done” from your boss
    … and the career progression you’ve worked so damn hard for.
  • You deserve for your next career move to be because you WANT to move to a new, more exciting role… NOT because your lack of results makes it inevitable.
You deserve the business development training that the industry has so far REFUSED to give to you (“learn on the job” they said…)

And in a moment, we’re going to give you the “keys to the kingdom” that will FINALLY give you the confidence (and results) that you’ve been struggling to get consistently…

But first, a few key shifts you’ll need to make…

‘Cause we do things differently round here.

Ready to start your learning journey?

So before we go any further, here are…

The 5 Reasons You’re Stuck Getting Patchy Results While Every Other BD on LinkedIn Looks Like They’re “Smashing It” Every Damn Week

(And How to Join the Ranks of the “BD Elite”)

Reason #1: You’re overwhelmed and distracted by all of the tactics and strategies (how do you know which ones work?)

Every week seems to bring with it a new, bright and shiny tactic.

First it was “if you don’t have a webinar, you’re missing out”…

Then it was “if you’re not social selling on LinkedIn, you’re leaving money on the table”…

And next week it’ll be some new approach that promises to be THE key to getting leads (with none of the “heavy lifting”, headaches, upfront work… yadda yadda yadda)…

You’ve heard it all before.

But with every marketer out there trying to sell you THEIR silver bullet, it’s hard to wade through the crap to figure out what actually works.

‘Cause look…

If you believed everything you read on the internet, you’d be swimming in gold by now.
Because it ALL works and gets insane results, right? 😉

But as experienced BDs… we know better than that.

Our trial and error has shown us time and again that these “silver bullets” that promise the world… they rarely deliver.

But with all that marketing BS, it’s almost impossible to know which tactics are the real deal.

The result? Total overwhelm when choosing a tactic and constant second-guessing even when you’re implementing your chosen approach.

What you need instead:
  • An objective method for identifying solid tactics that fit with your overall strategy.
  • Delivered to you by someone who is truly “in your corner”… rather than someone with a vested interest in getting you to sign up for their webinar platform or messenger bot service or CRM…
  • You need to cut through the noise with a proven “tactic selection” system. (No more throwing random tactics at the wall and seeing what sticks. Just what works.)
Reason #2: You’re expected to stand out in a sea of lifeless email templates and cold calls (how do you “break through the noise”?)

You know your leads’ phones are ringing off the hook and their inboxes are crammed full of your competitors’ pitches, opportunities and a whole boatload of spam…

So when you contact them and don’t hear back…

You know full well you’ve been dumped in the same spam folder or fobbed off with the same “she’s not in the office right now but can I take a message?” line.

You’re the “real deal”, and yet you’re forced to compete with spammers for your prospects’ attention.

Why? Because the internet has been flooded with soulless email templates and sterile cold call scripts that let anyone with an internet connection “play” at business development.

What you need instead:
  • A way to break through the noise and make real connections with people that matter.
  • A way to differentiate yourself from the “templaters” who spam your most valuable prospects
  • A way to make sure your message is heard.
  • You need to remove yourself from the “quantity” game and learn to play the “quality” game instead. (Hint: More templates is not the answer… no matter how much you’d like to be given some “golden formula” for securing opportunities with a low-effort template.)
Reason #3: You haven’t been given the formal training necessary to get results (how can you “learn on the job” without any real guidance?)
Let me be real with you for a sec:

The business development industry is… kinda nuts.

It’s the ONLY industry we know that flat-out refuses to formally train its members.

In sales? There’s no way you’ll be let loose on important real-life prospects without some combination of internal training systems and external professional development seminars, conferences, coaching, etc…

In marketing? You’ll enter the workforce on the bottom rung… but RIGHT underneath a marketing exec with years of experience (and a marketing manager above them and a marketing director above them)… All compounding to make sure you’re never “flying blind” while you learn the ropes…

But in BD?

You can count yourself lucky if your boss can even define business development, let alone offer any training or guidance.

And you’re dreaming if you think your company will have established BD processes that you can just plug yourself into and optimise.

In fact, it’s the only industry we know of where bright-eyed graduates are thrown in the deep end without a life jacket and expected not just to swim… but to coordinate a deep-sea rescue for their entire business with zero training.

What you need instead:
  • Formal BD training (duh!).
  • Training that cuts out the exhausting “trial and error” phase of your career and places you firmly in the “actually getting reliable results” phase, ASAP.
Reason #4: Nobody in the industry is being honest about results (70% of business developers struggle to even define their job!)

Imagine an entire industry where almost everyone was “faking it ‘til they make it”.

(Spoiler alert… you just imagined the BD industry.)

As business developers, our newsfeeds are SWAMPED with other BDs who always seem to be crushing it. But here’s the “dirty secret”…

Even those successful-seeming LinkedIn Influencers are faking it too.

Our industry has a real honesty problem. Everyone over-inflates minor successes and completely hides any failures or lack of results.

The result is ZERO true transparency about what actually works. And a constant state of “imposter syndrome” in most BDs, who don’t realise the posts they see in their feed don’t reflect the true reality of the person posting them.

The real truth is… most business developers struggle to get consistent results.

What you need:
  • Transparency, above all else.
  • You need a mentor who’s ready to “pull back the curtain” and show you that you’re not alone. That there’s a community of BDs who’ve been through the same crisis of confidence…
  • You need to know that others have come out the other side with:
    … Better results
    … More consistent results
    … Exciting career prospects
    … ZERO imposter syndrome

Reason #5: Even in the “BD Confidence Crisis”, there’s still snobbery about BD training… can you really teach BD? (Answer: YES)

In an industry where more than 95% of people “learned on the job”… Getting the “Old Guard” to embrace formal training can feel like trying to turn a cruise ship…

(Slow and painful.)

But “that’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t good enough any more. Not when a majority of business developers feel out of their depth every time they walk into the office.

The truth is that business development is incredibly complex.

Which does make it difficult to teach…

And that’s exactly why it’s SO important that we make this shift as an industry.

Complexity is no excuse for lack of training.

What you need:
  • A system for learning BD strategies that takes into account the complexity of business development while also giving you the tools you need to get results in your specific role.

    Because there is a way to teach business development.

    It just takes a truckload more nuance than any cookie-cutter approach you’ll find in free blog posts or cheapo business development courses on Udemy.

lluis millet escrivà business developer
“When I found my new job, I didn’t receive formal business development training and I didn’t have a method to execute my daily tasks.

The BD School has truly changed my way of working and helped me get all the insights and strategies I needed to start my career in business development. This business development gave me practical tips that I could apply immediately.

After the course, I felt more confident in my job and was able to hit targets more consistently.”

– Lluis Millet Escrivà

The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask When It Comes to Getting Consistent Results as a Business Developer

Ever stop to wonder why some business developers seem to be able to waltz into any project and get results with total confidence, while the rest of us “mere mortals” struggle to even get past the receptionist gatekeeping our coveted prospects?

What is it that gives the top 1% of business developers the confidence that is so sorely lacking in the struggling 99%, who feel like frauds every time they walk into the office?

And, more importantly…

How can we bridge that gap?

Boost your BD Career!

That’s the biggest question we had in mind when developing…

The BD Foundations Program

Because the “learn on the job” and “fake it ’til you make it” culture in modern BD has brought us to a point where a majority can’t even define their own role…

… at the expense of our self-esteem as business developers AND at the expense of the companies who hire us to get results for them.

So what if…

Instead of putting on a brave face while our careers flatline…

We confronted the “elephant in the room” and committed to sharing our real experiences as business developers. So we can build a solid foundation of BD strategies that work.

What if we held our hands up to our own (underwhelming) results and committed to diving deeper BEHIND the overwhelming tactics to learn what makes them tick…

… to learn how to “think” about business development in a brand new way.
So we’re no longer scrambling in the weeds and hoping to fluke our way to success…

… but instead able to take a “bird’s eye” strategic view—mapping out a clear path to our goals with confidence rather than relying on blind hope.

the business development school - exclusive events
Sounds good… but how?

The Business Development Course is a Complete Overhaul of Your “BD Operating System” That Allows You To:

  • Have the solid foundation to start benefiting from all of the new and exciting tactics you see the most successful BDs using. With total clarity about WHY they’re now working for you too.
  • Get recognised by your manager, boss and other team members as a superstar performer. The kind everyone can count on to get results (without that pressure filling you with dread!).
  • Discover the joy and excitement in your work again. The kind you had in spades when you first started in BD… but that has slowly been replaced with stress because of no results
  • Quickly identify effective tactics and strategies for any new role or project. With a complete understanding of how different approaches will work in different situations.

And take control of your career as new opportunities for progression open up to you

The ability to get results means you no longer need to take “whatever job you can get”… You become the in-demand asset able to “take your pick” of exciting new positions and opportunities.

‘Cause here’s the thing…

You don’t want to feel like a fraud anymore

Your self-esteem can’t take it for much longer…
… and nor can your career prospects.

You need the foundational business development course that the industry has so far denied you.

The training that you’ll excitedly point back to a year from now when your career hits new heights, saying…

That was the turning point.
That was when everything changed for me.”

So if you’re still with us…

We can’t wait to introduce you to our inaugural business development course!

But first…

Who Are We To Tell You All This?

Lucia Piseddu

Hello! Lucia Piseddu here.

And when I’m not playing tennis here in the Netherlands or video-calling my family back in Italy…!

I run The BD School – the first educational platform that has helped hundreds of business developers build BD confidence, and get RESULTS.

We are NOT:

... salespeople disguised as BD professionals

... secretaries who just schedule meetings and call themselves BDs

... influencers who boast about results without any proof

… or SaaS companies who sell you on lifeless fill-in-the-blank email templates with NO creativity, NO innovation and NO big picture strategy behind them.

We’re the people who pick you up after those “10 Ways to Get New Leads” blog posts fall short…

And we put you on a PROVEN path to BD confidence.

Because We’ve Been in Your Shoes

the business development school alessandra founder-lucia-piseddu-the-bd-school

We’ve spent years of our own BD careers frustrated at not being able to find truly useful advice… something we could have certainty and confidence in.

Something that would work in our jobs (not just in theory).

Sure, we figured it out after plenty of painful trial and error…

But it felt like groping around in the dark.


… Our managers didn’t know what they were doing

… Free blog posts only gave superficial advice

… YouTube videos never went deep enough and often gave conflicting information

… Udemy courses were certified “amateur hour” with no real substance

And the BD books we read were 99% self-aggrandising case studies rather than actionable advice!


“Where is the ACTUAL training for serious business developers?!”

So, three years ago… STILL unable to find the quality business development courses we knew the industry so desperately needed…

We set out to create that training hub – and The BD School was born.

We spent months interviewing other successful business developers and devouring every BD book and resource we could find… so that we could compile the training we wish had been around at the start of our careers.

The result is a place that allows business developers to opt out of the damaging “learn on the job” culture and build the solid foundation they need to get consistent results NOW (rather than suffering through years of personal trial and error).

So if you’ll let us – we’d like to put you on the fast-track to BD success too!


The BD Foundations Program

The first business development course of its kind to guarantee “BD Confidence” by rewiring the way you think about business development.

Teaching you the high level strategies used by all of the truly successful “LinkedIn Famous” BDs you know and envy (NOT just the superficial tactics you’ll find in free blog posts and cheapo business development courses on Udemy).

We’ve invested the last 3 years (and gained more than our fair share of grey hairs!) working in the trenches with your fellow business developers

Business developers who’ve struggled to gain any real traction with their lead gen

Unable to generate leads consistently, no matter how many cold calls or desperate emails they send out, or how many LinkedIn connections they blast out, hoping to strike it lucky.

Business developers who’ve hit a crisis point in their career and feel completely stuck ​​​​​​​

After job-hopping and hoping that “this time will be different”. Not necessarily fired… or even let go… but six months into each new role, the pressure hits and the results don’t materialise. So they cut and run, telling themselves the company is the problem.

Business developers who feel like imposters but can’t let on to their colleagues or family

Putting on a brave face while they wonder “why can’t I figure this out?” and thinking “maybe I’m just not cut out for this”. Every day they go into the office, worrying they’ll be exposed as a fraud.

The result of all that is…

An easy-to-follow, BD Foundations Program that illuminates the path to consistent results, and restores the confidence and fulfilment you deserve as a business developer.

Ready to improve your BD Skills?

What’s included?

Here’s How It All Breaks Down…

Module 1

Rewiring Your BD Mindset

You'll immediately be initiated into the "BD School Mindset", a bulletproof foundation that fundamentally changes the way you think about business development, paving the way for you to generate your own opportunities on demand.

Understand your role with more clarity than ever before, so that you can perform effectively and with confidence... operating at a higher strategic level than more than 70% of your peers, rather than staying stuck in the "small picture".

You'll learn:

How the heck to even define business development and why most common definitions are incomplete and even damaging to your BD performance and mindset
The 3 core applications of business development and what you've been missing if you've been applying solid strategies but to the WRONG type of company (this one mistake is guaranteed to cause your results to flatline)
What to expect in your role as a business developer and how to break down your role into 5 key strategic areas that all contribute to your overall success
The "CLAP Framework" and why it is the BIGGEST predictor for success in business development (even beating out formal training and extensive experience in an industry)
How to unlock your hidden "creative gene" and why it's VITAL to your role as a business developer
Module 2

Mastering "Big Picture" BD Strategy

Building on your new BD Mindset, you'll learn to master BD strategy—developing strategic roadmaps, dissecting successful BD campaigns, and learning how to systematically identify the most effective tactics for ANY project, role, or company.

Once you’ve learned how to think this strategically, you’ll never be confused again about why some tactics work for you and others don’t… or why some tactics work for other people but not when you apply them in your specific company.

You'll learn:

The 4 essential steps of a strategic business development process, and how to combine both research and action for the most powerful results
What product development has to do with BD and the specific stages of product development you really need to be involved in as a business developer
Why it’s important to formalise strategic partnerships and how to make sure your most valuable partnerships stand the test of time
The BD School guide to “market entry” (how to set your company up for success with new ventures and take new markets by storm)
Module 3

Taking Calculated & Effective Action

Now you know how to architect a master strategy, ​​​​​​​it's time to implement a solid, intentional process to generate those new opportunities "on the ground". No guesswork here, because you'll learn which tactics complement your overall strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Suddenly, you’ll find that tactics you’ve attempted in the past (with lack-lustre results) are now getting you serious leads because they’re based in solid STRATEGY. You’ll love the momentum that starts building now, as things start clicking into place.

You'll learn:

How to create a solid business development plan based on real-world data so you can avoid the “hit and hope” style plan that cripples most BD projects
Why you should spy on your biggest competitors (so you know what you’re up against!), and how to ethically “hack” their most successful tactics
The often-overlooked secret to standing out in a crowd of spammers—how to fall in love with your customers and drive real connection in your outreach
Why content it still KING and how to create a strategic content plan that gives your audience exactly what they want and need (no more guesswork)
Module 4

Developing Soft Skills for Success

With your new-found results, you'll start honing the "soft skills" that will clear the way for even more future success—navigating relationships with key stakeholders so that you can confidently communicate your results and your worth, and become a true "all-round" BD superstar.

Because we all know that results alone aren’t enough if they’re not paired with effective communication, organisation and those all-important “people skills”. Many bright young business developers fall at this hurdle, unable to steer through the complexities of working as part of a team… but not you. You’ll steer through them with ease.

You'll learn:

Why it's so important for BDs to be curious and think outside of the box
How to develop your research skills so you can rely on data instead of assumptions
How to bring value to ANY social interaction and make people feel special (hint: talk less, not more!)
Why action beats perfection every time and how to organise your priorities effectively
The key to building great relationships with everyone on your team and why underpromising is one of your greatest weapons in the workplace
Module 5

Moving FORWARD in Your Career

Now you've mastered the nitty gritty of strategy, lead generation and soft skills, it's time to capitalise on your success and take your career to new heights—whether that's a promotion, a new more exciting company, or starting your own business. You'll learn to move UPWARD (rather than sideways time and time again).

Understanding the options that are now open to you as a newly-confident superstar business developer... you’ll stand out, confidently sell yourself, and take your pick of a huge range of exciting positions. The world is your oyster and this module will equip you with the tools to make a huge impact over a long and fulfilling career in BD.

You'll learn:

How to optimise your CV to make sure you stand out in a pile of other applications
Why it’s important to play the numbers game when applying for new positions and the secret to using job description keywords to your benefit
Exactly how to nail your next job interview and get hiring managers tripping over themselves to get you on their team
How to get promoted within your company using our
5-point process (never get passed over for promotion again)
Why negotiation is one of the most lucrative skills you can learn over the course of your career, and how to negotiate effectively and professionally
the bd school week 5

The Advanced BONUS Stack

the business development school - we accelerate your growth


The BD School Productivity Pack

All of the BD knowledge in the world won't matter if you can't find the time to take ACTION. The BD School Productivity Pack gives you our best software recommendations so you can achieve maximum efficiency in your role. You’ll have more time to scale your results even further.

the-business development-school-experts in recruiting business developers


The BD Mastery Discount

With your new BD confidence and an exciting future in BD ahead of you, grab your "mastery discount"—a generous 15% off our future advanced programs that will build on the solid foundations you've built here in our inaugural program. We'll be with you for every step of your career!


Access to Exclusive Community

Join more than 1,500 of your fellow business developers in our online community. Working in business development can feel lonely, but with your new community of other BD pros, you'll never feel alone again! You'll find opportunities for group discussion, peer support, and networking.


Business Development Video Course

Learn business development foundations at your own pace!


  • Personal mentor
  • Quizzes
  • Templates & Frameworks
  • Access to the community
  • Unlimited access to all content
  • Access to webinars
the bd school quirine wissink

“Before I took the course, I knew what I was doing with my business, but I couldn’t really find a way to describe my function in my company.

That was until I started The BD School course! The course itself is amazing, and the thing I loved the most was the homework. Clear, consistent, and very practical. The course really helped me set a clear path for my company’s future.”

Quirine Wissink
Founder | Lutto | The Netherlands
Zero Risk With

The BD School Guarantee

We’re so passionate about partnering with you to elevate your BD confidence and career, and want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to give a confident “yes” to taking the next step.


Take 45 days to go through the whole Foundations Program

If, after completing the video lessons and working with your mentor during the group classes, you still don’t feel like you have the insight, clarity, or powerful action steps needed to get real results in your role while “pulling out” that Imposter Syndrome at the root…

We’ve got your back!

Simply email Magdalena at with your money-back request, and we’ll immediately hit “undo” on this whole “become a confident and in-demand BD superstar” experiment.

Burning Questions

Questions Your Fellow Business Developers Asked Before Saying “Yes” to Finally Becoming BD Confident

Q1. I want to do this, but I'm worried it won't get me REAL results... I've tried so many approaches before with no success. Why would this time be any different?

We hear you. 🙂

We’ve also wasted lots of time on BD approaches that flat-out sucked.

That’s the whole reason we created this program.

But here’s the thing…

The fact that you’ve spent SO much time trying SO many different unsuccessful tactics… puts you in a UNIQUE position to benefit when you enter The BD Foundations Program.

Because you’ve already got the tactical experience… so when we layer on top the strategic piece that you’ve been missing, you’ll have everything you need to get BIG results from the exact same tactics that failed you before.

On our end, we PROMISE to spare you from the usual superficial approach to BD that only ever gives sporadic, surface-level results.

Q2. How can you take such a complex topic and teach it in a way that works for my specific role? Surely I need a completely custom approach?

In modules 1 and 2, we’re going to walk you through exactly how to create your OWN killer BD strategy, rather than just relying on a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t work in your company.

This is key.

You’ll be learning the principles behind a solid BD strategy, so that you’ll be equipped with the tools and frameworks to look at any specific project and work out the most effective route to real results.

Meaning, you can feel confident going into any new project or role.

Q3. Isn't it best to learn business development "on the job"?

Maybe in decades gone by… but that approach just doesn’t hold water in the modern BD industry. It’s too complex—too nuanced.

And while it is possible to learn on the job…
Boy is that taking the long way round!

Instead, what you’ll install over the next 5 weeks is foundational (and necessary) for ANY business developer working towards a long and fulfilling career in the industry.

Unfortunately, it’s also the step that most business developers will skip.

This is your invitation to create the strong foundation and scaffolding needed to get “BD confident” years faster than your peers who opt for the outdated “learn on the job” route.

Q4. I've read books about business development and watched plenty of training videos on YouTube before. How is this any different?

So have we, and we have nothing against them. 🙂

But the mission here is extremely focused and outcome-based:

We’re going to give you a super thorough understanding of foundational BD strategy so that you can confidently create your own plan for success and get results in your specific role.

No needing to piece together disjointed (or even conflicting) snippets of information from books that are 95% case study or YouTube videos that send you in ten different directions at once.

Just the hyper-specific action steps needed to get leads, and get confident.

Q5. I don't know if I'm really cut out for business development. Are you sure I can learn this?


Business development is a LEARNABLE skill. And contrary to popular belief, you’re not supposed to know how to do it “out of the box”.

You’re not a “bad” business developer if you don’t know how to consistently generate leads… you’re just an “under-trained” business developer.

You’re a business developer who the industry has so far FAILED by not providing adequate (or empowering) training.

We believe anyone can become a superstar BD.

Even if right now they struggle to get results after years in their role.

That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of The BD Foundations Program to help you build your confidence as you learn real-world strategies and apply them to your own projects.

By the time you’re done, you’ll not only know how to generate opportunities for your company, but you’ll also feel confident about your ability to do it again and again.

Q6. I want to do this, but I'm already spread so thin. How much time is this going to take?

All told, you’ll be committing a couple of hours each week for five weeks.
Our PROMISE to you is that every hour you invest in honing your BD skills in our Foundations Program will have an exponential payoff.

Every hour spent will move you closer to that exciting and fulfilling career you hoped this would be when you first entered the BD industry.

And every hour spent will move you further away from the need to “job hop” away from the spectre of your bad results.

As a time-starved business developer, entering this program is the most leveraged and valuable way to invest your energy at this point in your career.

Our Students

Business Developers From These Companies Come to The BD School For World-Class Training & Mentorship

8 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Take Control of Your BD Career and Start Getting Results NOW

  • You’ve been trying (and failing) to get results in your role for months
    Or even years… but you haven’t found the success you were hoping for… and the limited results you do get feel like a fluke rather than something you can learn from and repeat.
  • You’ve worked in BD for at least 2 years
    So you understand how the industry works.
  • In fact, you’ve ALREADY tried most of the common BD tactics.
    Only problem is, without a clear “big picture” strategy that ties it all together, you’ve experienced nothing but sporadic results.
  • You’re happy to set aside a couple of hours a week
    As long as you know that every bit of your effort is spent on learning meaningful strategies that “move the needle” on your ability to get results.
  • You care about what will work for YOUR company.
    You get sceptical when others promise their tips and tricks will work for every situation. That’s why you appreciate how The BD School teaches you about the strategies behind the tactics, so you can tailor your own master plan to any project, role or company you find yourself in.
  • You’re aware of how exciting a career in business development can be.
    And you’re DOUBLY excited that the Foundations Program includes “Module 5: Moving FORWARDS in Your Career”, which will make sure you know how to capitalise on your new BD expertise and take your career to new, even more fulfilling heights.
  • You’re excited to jump in and grab our systems and templates for QUICK wins. Even if you’ve been let down by poorly-structured BD resources before, you’re feeling a renewed sense of optimism that this time next week, you could be running your own BD experiments and plugging yourself into our easy-to-follow but super effective methodologies and templates.
  • You feel confident grabbing your login knowing you have 45 days to test it.
    It’s simple. Either you do the work and experience more results and higher confidence in the next 45 days than you have in your ENTIRE BD career… or you shoot us a quick message asking us to hit undo on this whole “let’s get BD Confident” experiment.

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 5 of the 8 points above, then we absolutely CANNOT wait to meet you inside The BD School’s Foundations Program.

the business development school - Erica Pew
“I never had formal business development training.
All I knew I learned on the job!

But I wanted to have more structure to increase client’s conversion and generally feel more confident in my job.

The course was very practical and I really liked the many templates and frameworks. These were particularly helpful because I can now use them in my daily job making me more efficient and my clients happier.”

– Erica Pew

You Need This Program

By now, you know that the BIGGEST difference between business​​​​​​​ developers who can get consistent results and those who can’t all comes down to…

Professional Business Development Training

  • If you struggle with Imposter Syndrome…
    You need The BD School Foundations Program.
  • If you struggle to get consistent results in your role…
    You need The BD School Foundations Program.
  • If you’re fed up with hopping from job to job to escape your lack of results rather than tackling the issue head on with powerful training…
    You need The BD School Foundations Program.
  • If you’re ready to step up your game and take control of your BD career…
    You need The BD School Foundations Program.

If you’re ready, we look forward to partnering with you to make this the most rewarding and impactful 5 weeks you’ve experienced in your BD career so far.

But the truth is…

9 out of 10 business developers will NOT take us up on this offer… Instead, they’ll decide to “mull it over”, close this tab, and go back to trying (and failing) to piece together their own haphazard strategies

Here are 4 ways that decision will continue to drive them down a path of poor results, overwhelm and imposter syndrome…


1 They’ll continue to waste dozens (if not hundreds) of hours over the coming weeks.

Searching Google for free tips, tricks and hacks that only give superficial results (at best) and never generate any meaningful traction or confidence.

True cost: 100 hours that could have been spent mapping out and implementing a real BD strategy that moves them closer to their goals in real terms.


2 They’ll become demotivated, barely treading water.

They’ll start avoiding their manager and the awkward conversations about how things are going, becoming more and more disconnected from the rest of their team as the results just don’t materialise.

True cost: Valuable relationships lost and their self-esteem hit an all-time low.


3 They’ll start looking for another role at a new company.

Realising that they’ll either need to leave of their own accord or be pushed out… they’ll start looking at the job boards for their next role. Stepping sideways rather than “up” the career ladder.

True cost: Many thousands of euros over the course of their career, as they never move “up” but keep hopping sideways to roles with similar (or sometimes worse) pay. Their compensation doesn’t progress… it flatlines.


4 They’ll “jump ship” but the same problems will follow.

Even in their next role, they’ll find the same problems – lack of confidence and lack of results. Without fixing the root issue, they’re doomed to repeat the same cycle, time and time again.

True cost: They’re stuck in a vicious cycle that dooms them to an unfulfilling and underwhelming career, while their friends and peers achieve levels of success they can only dream about.


But With 45 Risk-Free Days to “Work Our System” …

Wouldn’t You Rather See What It’s Like To Become A Competent & CONFIDENT Business Developer?

Isn’t it time you understood how to consistently generate leads on your projects?

You’ve already achieved some pretty amazing things to get where you are. But you’re also smart enough to know that what got you here, won’t get you “there”.


This is your invitation to partner with us for the next 5 weeks.
  • Develop a bulletproof “BD Mindset” that places you firmly on the fast-track to success
  • Learn how to identify and plan the most effective strategy for ANY project in any company
  • Master the specific tactics involved with delivering your strategic plan (no more guesswork)
  • Learn how to navigate relationships with key stakeholders and communicate with your team effectively, so that you never feel hampered in your ability to get results
  • Discover how to move FORWARDS in your career rather than always “side-stepping” from company to company, dooming your career to long-term mediocrity

We’re ready when you are!


Business Development Video Course

Learn business development foundations at your own pace!


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