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Business development salary report Q1 2021

by | Jan 18, 2021

Read the business development salary report for Q1 2021 to have a concrete reference to better plan your next career move.

Business development is definitely a rewarding field to work in. After all, we are responsible to make our companies grow, is there anything more exciting?

But is it also financially rewarding? Based on our research below, it definitely seems so. Business development salary ranges anywhere from 1,700 € per month up to 11,000 € and possibly more.

Of course, not all business development jobs are equal and many factors can contribute to your bottom line. For example, your location and level of experience can definitely have an impact on the salary you end up taking. Last, also the job title plays a very important role.

For this business development salary report we analyzed how much do business development professionals earn in Europe and the USA. We used public data from LinkedIn, Payscale, and Glassdoor as well as field surveys.

Business Developer Salary

The highest average salaries are in Germany and The Netherlands and they’re between €4,658 and €6,537 per month. The entry-level salary is between €2,250 and €4,667. The senior salary varies between €6,000 and €10,417 per month. 

The lowest average salaries are in Portugal and Spain with €2,417 and €2,986 per month. For an entry-level position, you can earn between €1,333 and €1,750 monthly. The senior positions vary between €3,917 and €4,500 per month.

In the US business developers’ average salary is between $4,917 (€4,009) and $6,417 (€5,232). The highest is in San Francisco and the lowest one is in Chicago. The highest entry-level salary is also in San Francisco and it’s $4,083 (€3,329) per month. The lowest entry position salary is in Chicago and it is $3,167 (€2,582). For a senior position, you can get between $9,500 (€7,746) and $13,500 (€11,007) per month.

Business Development Rep Salary

The salary of the business development representative varies in each country. In The Netherlands in cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam average salary is €2,910 per month. It also depends on the level of seniority, in which case you can earn between €2,000 for a junior position and €4,000 for a senior one. 

In London, business development representatives earn an average salary of £2,417 (€2710,83). While in Paris – the average monthly salary for a business development representative is €2,917.

In German cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich average monthly salary of business development representatives is €3,333. The entry-level salary is €2,333 per month while the person in the senior position monthly earns €4,167.

In Dublin, the capital of Ireland, the average salary of business development representatives is €3,250. The entry-level salary is €2,417 per month and the senior position €4,167.

In Italy, we notice a significant difference between the two biggest cities, Rome and Milan. In Rome, the average salary €1,746 while in Milan it’s €2,250. For the entry position in Milan, you can earn around €2,000 per month. The senior position is slightly higher and it’s around €2,750 on average per month.

In Spain in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia salaries also vary. In Madrid and Valencia, they are the same (€2,092 per month), but in Barcelona, they are slightly higher (€2,167).

Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden present differences in the average salary as well. In Sweden’s capital Stockholm the average salary is KR 60,000 (€5,965). In Copenhagen, an average monthly salary is DKK 28,554 (€3,839). Norway’s capital city Oslo has an average salary of NOK 53,833 (€5,965) per month.

In the US San Francisco has the highest average salary of $4,583, New York follows with an average salary of $4,167. Chicago has the lowest entry-level salary of $2,667, while an average salary is $3,417, and a senior position is $4,583.

Business Development Salary for Business Development Manager

The role of business development managers is to identify new business opportunities in order to generate revenue. Moreover, to improve profitability and help the business grow.

They are also responsible for careful strategic planning and positioning in the appropriate markets. Further, they are enhancing the operation of the business, position, or reputation.

Business development managers have slightly higher salaries compared to other business development professionals. In Europe, the countries with the highest average salaries are The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, and Italy. They vary between €5,500 and €4,167. The lowest average salaries are documented in Portugal, Spain, and UK. They are between €1,971 and €3,500. 

In the biggest cities in the US, an average salary varies between $6,250 and $8,333. The highest is in Houston and the lowest is in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Business Development Executive salary

Business development executives are responsible for researching and pursuing new business leads for the growth of the business. They build contacts with potential clients to create new business opportunities and keep prospective client databases updated. Further, they make cold calls for new business leads and support in writing new business proposals.

The best salaries are in The Netherlands with an average salary of €7,000 per month in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The lowest average salaries are in Portugal, Spain, and UK with €962, €2,500 and €2,250 per month. In other countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia they vary between €3,492 and €5,833 per month.

In the US the average salary varies between $5,000 and $7,333 per month. The highest salary is in Houston while the lowest one is in Chicago. 

Plan the next steps

Finally, all business development professionals earn relatively well whether they are in an entry-level or senior position. The best-paid position is a business development manager with an average salary of €2,833 – $8,333 per month.

However, you must keep in mind that many factors influence your actual salary. The cost of living, tax system, and negotiation skills can all play a role in your financial happiness.

Make sure you plan your next career steps in a strategic way!

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