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by | Jun 8, 2021

Looking for a business development podcast? The official podcast of The BD School is live now. Listen to international business developers and founders to learn their secrets!


What’s better than listening to a podcast while focusing on work or going out for a walk? It’s relaxing and inspiring to hear people share their stories, give tips, and generally entertain you!


That’s also what we had in mind when we designed Let’s Talk BD, the official business development podcast of The BD School. We thought of creating something entertaining, genuine, and practical so you can find the right inspiration to get through the day.


In Let’s talk BD, we interview experienced BD professionals working in the field as well as startup founders. They share useful tips, insights, and best practices, to help you become a better Business Development Professional! 


Our host Lucia is the founder of The BD School, the first educational platform entirely dedicated to business development. With 13 years in business development, she experienced first-hand the pain and gains of working in this field. That’s exactly the reason why she decided to build The BD School. To shed a light on business development and help professionals be more effective in their jobs.


Why did we create The BD School?


In 2017 our founder Lucia was working as a business development manager in a startup. In the beginning, everything was great, they came up with a plan and started their business development efforts. 


Yet, after a few months, they didn’t hit any results and were stuck. Lucia was frustrated and wanted to improve, so she started looking for anything that could help her understand better what she had to do. This approach wasn’t successful either so she became even more frustrated. Luckily, she got creative and found a way to achieve her goals.


First, she created an online community for business developers, Business Development United, with the goal of sharing tips, best practices, and helping each other move forward. In just one month the community went from 1 to 500 members. At that point, Lucia understood she was not the only one to be frustrated about the lack of structured business development knowledge.


She created a small team of passionate professionals and started investigating the mysterious field of business development. We started by interviewing 1000 business development professionals and what we found out was concerning.


73% of BD pros didn’t have enough information about business development when they first started working in the field. Furthermore, around 71% of them didn’t receive any formal training. And finally, 53% said they struggle to get actual results!


No wonder many business developers tend to lose motivation easily!


We decided to do something, so we created The BD School. A safe place where business developers can have the knowledge they need to become successful at their job! On our platform, you can find a supportive global community, mentors, and hyper-personalized training to skyrocket your BD Career!


The business development podcast: Let’s Talk BD


Of course, we know that everyone likes to learn in different ways. That’s why we provide different tools adapted to the preferences of all our BusyBDees 🐝. That’s exactly the case for the podcast too. 


In March, a member of our community Business Development United (BDU) asked for a good business development podcast. There were only a few options but nothing really in-depth about our field. Other podcasts were mainly about general business or sales.


We thought it was the right time to create a new tool for your business development journey. So we activated our network and invited the most interesting business developers and founders from all around the world. They were on a mission:


Share the most genuine and practical tips they learned during their career, so you can find inspiration and move forward in your job!


Less than one month later, on April 6th 2021, the first episode of the business development podcast was live! 


Let’s Talk BD season 1: a sneak peak


The first season of Let’s Talk BD is ready to air twice a month. You can find us on Spotify, Google Podcast, and all the major podcast platforms. 


Among our guests you will find Edwin van Rest, co-founder of StudyPortals, sharing his experience of growing a startup into one of the biggest Dutch Study Choice Platforms. You will also find Julissa Polanco, a personal development coach that will inspire you with her story of resilience and survival. She will share a story of going beyond the limits and explain the importance of becoming a lifelong learner.


Further, you will meet Ron Dukker, a founder of Conversion Crew Digital Growth agency specialized in HubSpot. He will show you how a passion for lead generation looks like. Also, you’ll hear an amazing story from Matteo Ogliari, an engineer who turned into a business development manager. He will teach you how to embrace change and overcome the challenges of switching careers.


Additionally, you’ll find Lorena Alejandra Rodriguez, a LinkedIn expert and co-founder of Wishup Digital. She will share useful tips on the usage of LinkedIn for lead generation and writing content that converts. Also, you’ll meet Martina Mantoan, a business developer in the Tech field. She will explain the importance of creativity in business development and share an interesting story about using dating apps for lead generation.


Listen to the stories of these and more BD professionals and become a better Business Development Professional!

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Lucia Piseddu

Founder at The BD School

The thing I love the most in business development is its creative process. My job is to help people unleash their potential and become great at business development.


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