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Sometimes you just want to talk to someone that understands what you’re going through. Someone that can offer you a new perspective without judging you or telling you what to do. A business development mentor will do just that!

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Reach your career goals

Our mentors will help you get closer to your professional goals. By sharing our experience and offering you an unbiased perspective, we will help you strategize your next move.

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Find your strenghts and talents

Our mentors will help you uncover hidden strengths and talents. By actively challenging you, we will pull you out of the comfort zone and let you see skills you didn’t think you had!


Continuously improve yourself

Our mentors will help you overcome your weaknesses and turn them into opportunities. By offering you honest advice, we’ll make sure you don’t get stuck in negative circles.

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Build your confidence

Our mentors will help you become confident in your business development role. By offering you our time and experience, we’ll make sure you pave the way to your success!


You will meet other business developers who experienced the same challenges as you

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Safe place

You will be in a safe environment where you can express yourself without being judged

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You are fully in control and decide when and for how long you want to connect with a mentor

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You will be part of a large international community ready to help anytime you need support

Ready to be amazed by yourself?


A mentor can change your life

Before I took the course, I knew what I was doing with my business, but I couldn’t really find a way to describe my function in my company. That was until I started The BD School course! Business Development is exactly what I’m doing and I love doing it! The course itself is amazing, and the thing, I loved the most was the homework. Clear, consistent, and very practical. The course really helped me set a clear path for LUTTO’s future.

the bd school quirine wissink

Quirine Wissink


The BD School has truly changed my way of working and helped me get all the insights and strategies I needed to start my career in business development. When I found my new job I didn't receive formal training and I didn't have a method to execute my daily tasks. The course gave me practical tips that I could immediately apply. After the course, I felt more confident in my job and was able to hit target more consistently.


Lluis Millet Escrivà


Before the course, I didn't have a formal business development training. All I knew I learned it on the job. But I wanted to have more structure to increase client's conversion and generally feel more confident in my job. The course was very practical and I really liked the many templates and frameworks. These were particularly helpful because I can now use them in my daily job making me more efficient and my clients happy.

the business development school testimonial erica pew

Erica Pew



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find a mentor?

After joining the platform you will have access to the mentors’ profiles.

On their profiles, you can find their skills and experience.

You can choose your mentor based on your needs and then directly book a call from the mentor’s personal profile page.

2. How many hours does it require?

You are fully in control of when and for how long you want to meet your mentors.

Most of our students have a monthly call with their mentors. Others have a one-off call depending on the needs of the moment.

Discuss your needs with your mentor and agree with them on the frequency of your calls.

3. Will the mentor find me a job?

No. The goal of the mentorship is not to place you in companies. Our mentors will help you position yourself better in the market, but they are not responsible for finding you a job.

4. What if I don't like the mentor?

It can happen that you’re not a perfect match!

In that case, just browse other profiles and book a call with another mentor that inspires your trust.

5. Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are experienced business developers that work in the field every day. They are a very diverse group of professionals with different skills and experiences. 

6. Can I call my mentor whenever I want?

You will decide the way of communication directly with the mentor. Just have a conversation and decide together. We highly recommend to respect each other’s time and availabilities.

Let’s find your a mentor

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