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by | Nov 3, 2019

Business development can serve many purposes. That’s why we launch a new series exploring how it can be used for good starting with Amelia’s story!

Last year, a big news turned my family’s life upside down. When you hear that one of the most important persons in your life has cancer you realize how powerless you are in front of such a challenge. It doesn’t matter how realistic you are when this news arrives it’s always a cold shower.

Our lives changed deeply since then and everything we do has a completely different taste now. On the spot, I cried and allowed myself to feel vulnerable. But then I understood that it wouldn’t help, and instead, I tried to focus my energy on work and being close to my family.

I wanted to be able to support my family and make sure we had access to the most advanced cures. I realized that at this point, the only thing that matters was being supportive and bring my positive attitude to at least try to alleviate the pain.

My personal journey is what brought me on Amelia’s and Luke’s path. When Amelia discovered to have cancer, she decided to face it head up. She reinvented herself as an entrepreneur and together with her husband, they founded FVCK Cancer.

I believe the very essence of business development is being creative and don’t let any obstacle stop your ambitions. Amelia and Luke are the living proof that despite getting such news, there is always something you can do to have a true impact on society.

While we can’t do anything to cure our loved one, we can at least inspire them sharing stories such as Amelia’s one. Amelia and Luke are a source of inspiration and I hope you’ll enjoy reading their story as much as I did.

What is FVCK Cancer?


FVCK Cancer is an e-commerce business providing quirky unique fashion products to people affected by cancer (but not limited to). We are starting with bandana’s and will then add more products to our range as we grow. We want to encourage our customers to feel CONFIDENT & UNIQUE. To ROCK a headpiece that COMPLEMENTS rather than covers up.

We felt that headpieces targeted towards Amelia while going through treatment weren’t very flattering were boring and just screamed chemotherapy. Our goal is to add some color and vibrancy with funky bandanas. Living with cancer is difficult and we’ve definitely had our ups and downs.

FVCK Cancer provides people with an option in their wardrobe to express themselves and give the middle finger to this horrible disease. And to support the cause even further, we will be donating 10% of all sales profits to the wonderful charity Teens Unite Against Cancer.

FVCK Cancer founder Amelia and Luke for the business development school


Amelia and Luke’s unique styles

How did you come up with the idea?


The idea came naturally to us one day as we were trying to figure out what to do with ourselves in between treatments and surgeries. The last 10 months have been very hectic with little to no daily structure.

We wanted to embark on a project together and realized the lack of fun, vibrant bandanas in the market while browsing online. When the idea of creating our own was suggested, it seemed like a no brainer.

We both enjoy wearing our own unique fashion styles so being in a position to design quirky bandanas is a lot of fun for us. We love bringing out the sketchbooks and seeing what we come up with.

What would you like to achieve?


Our main goal is to enable people fighting cancer to express themselves in a way that isn’t focused solely on the disease. People with cancer are still individuals with their own style (or in Amelia’s case, lack of!) and personality.

We want to provide a glimpse of positivity in a situation that can be so heartbreaking. We also hope to raise money for our selected charity as we believe it’s a fantastic cause.

Maybe one day, FVCK Cancer will be the go-to shopping platform for people looking to express their individuality in their battle against the dreaded C word.

Amelia and Luke supporting Teen Unite Fighting Cancer


Amelia and Luke supporting Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

How does your experience in business development help you on this journey?


There are numerous aspects where my business development experience has helped us in this journey. I’ve learned invaluable skills from my time in Business Development. I feel it now gives me an edge as an entrepreneur.

Communication skills have to be up there with the most important. Years of cold calling has equipped me with the ability to make an instant impression in a short period of time. Strategic thinking is also crucial. It is highly beneficial to be able to formulate a sound strategy that depends on rational thought. A strong sense of priority, and the research skills necessary to understand our situations in depth.

I would not have these skills to this level if it wasn’t for my experience in business development.

What’s your main piece of advice to young business development professionals?


My main piece of advice would be to always have a strategy. In my early days as a business development professional, I would often just wing it. As I gained more experience, it was more than apparent that having a plan of action yields more results.

Once you have a clear cut plan it’s easier to put yourself in a position where you can just unabashedly ask for business from your prospect. It’s really a win-win.

Having a more targeted approach can make you more confident in your service or product. And it can also give your prospective client the opportunity to decline. Which is also a good way to know who’s really interested so you can focus your energy and attention on the next potential customer.

To those of you fighting cancer, remember to stay positive and express your unique self in any way that makes you happy!

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