Live Webinar: Become a networking machine

Join us on September 30th at 3 PM CET to get easy tips to make networking less awkward!


Networking is tough

But it’s the one thing we MUST embrace as BDs if we want to succeed. And with offline conferences starting once again, we need to get back on our feet and re-learn how to network.

Join this month’s webinar to learn how to:

  • Smoothly break the ice
  • Get people interested in you
  • Build true connections without being awkward
find right business developers

Ready to master networking?


Learn from BD experts

Maria Cozza

Maria is a BD manager and co-founder of L’IT School. Her favorite lead generation tactic is networking as she believes nothing beats the power of personal connection to get results. Maria is also a BD mentor and she’s always eager to help others improve their knowledge.


Lucia Piseddu

Lucia is the founder of The BD School. With 13 years in business development, she experienced first-hand the pain and gains of working in this field. She is now on a mission to help other BDs become better at their job! 

Become a master networker!

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